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Do I GLOW to deer????

Old 11-09-2009, 09:37 AM
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Default Do I GLOW to deer????

so I caught a pic of myself walking past my trail cam the other day.

it was dark so the camera was in IR mode.....

I noticed that my gloves (which are different material than the rest of my stuff) look like they are GLOWING in the pic (they are dark camo print in the normal spectrum of light)

they get washed with all my hunting stuff with detergent that has no UV brighteners.

so my question is....since deer have good vision at night....is that what my gloves look like to them????????????????????

I may need to buy new gloves!!!!!!!!!
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Old 11-09-2009, 09:51 AM
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I'm not sure because I knew about the Sportwash thing many years ago and that's when I was informed about UV. Although not sure, I do have my beliefs based on personal experience and from some others.

I think it's all over-hyped. While it may indeed be possible they see a spectrum of light we do not, I do not see any evidence they are picking me off or others just from particular clothing "lighting" up like in the picture.

Scenario: Deer comes walking by and looks around and all of a sudden pin points the hunter. Most often things can logically be explained; the hunter moved, the hunter is silhouetted, deer saw the hunter's un-camoed face, deer saw a reflection of light from the hunter, etc, etc. Sometimes it's about impossible to figure what happened, as there are many possibilities and we can only guess.

I think if our clothing is giving off a spectrum of light the deer are seeing, we would be seeing much more episodes of unknown phenomena of totally unexplainable situations of being made.... ie, the deer all of a sudden just looking straight at the hunter for no apparent reason.

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Old 11-09-2009, 09:57 AM
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The only way to know for sure is to view them under blacklight in a dark room. Last year I bought a t-shirt in a favorite pattern from Bass Pro, I hung it in the closet where I keep the rest of my hunting clothing. Later, as I was testing UV killer on a different garment I saw that the brand new shirt glowed like a night light when the UV struck it. Does it spook deer? Most definitely, it's happened to me several times, but not since I began to pay attention to my UV signature as well as scent and movement.
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I don't wash any of my stuff in anything special other than scent free detergent. I don't get picked off unless I am moving. I mostly still hunt with rifle and ML and when successful see them b-4 they see me. When bow hunting I rarely get spotted because I am up in a tree and they just don't see me. I can't say I ever noticed that I got busted and figured it was a UV type glow.
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IR and UV are two different color spectrum. It is beveled that deer can see a little bit of UV, a study in 1992 by the The University of Georgia found that deer lack the UV filter that humans have. They do also have a cone to pick up blues, so it would appear that deer can pick up some UV.

But IR is different. Red and blue are on two diffrent sides of the visible color spectrum. IR is on the red side, UV is on the blue side. Deer lack the ability to see red, so IR is out of the question. So if your camera is using true IR, then I wouldn't worry about it. But like Isnipe said, if your concerned check it out under a black light.
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My guess is that you're not glowing - you're reflecting. Most of the cameras that take night shots emit an infrared light, much like a regular camera flash - only not visible to our eyes. Just like a camera flash lights up the scene by reflecting off everything, the IR light does the same, only without scaring the wildlife with a visible flash.

So, the camera is not gathering the IR that your body is emitting, it's gathering the IR that it emits and is reflecting off your body.

Make sense?
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The way I see it is that you cant kill one if its that dark to where he sees
UV on your clothing.
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