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Stolen Deer

Old 11-08-2009, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by nysmoker
A few years back i was hunting on a small property opening day ,shot a nice little 13 point .. not huge by any stretch.Hit one lung and liver .Buck ran off the property on to neighbors .. wated for my wife and son to track and probably 15 minutes and 50 yards on the neighbors we came across ed a young man smiling from ear to ear with a nice 13 point buck all dressed and tagged . I congratulated him and we went back to our stands. My son and wife questioned the fact that he never fired a shot and there was only one hole in the deer and why didn't i say something . I smiled and just told them to let it go .Mid morning we walked back to the truck only to find the boy and his mom standing over said deer waiting for us . She maid him apologize for taking the deer knowing he didn't kill it because she knew he never fired a round.Gave me the tagged deer and told me the boy wouldn't be hunting the rest of the year as punishment for being unethical and a bad neighbor.No matter how much i insisted they keep the deer she would have no part of it .Tough lesson to learn at 16 but he has turned out to be a good kid .
Out of all the bad stories we unfortunately hear about stolen deer at least this one shows that there are still ethical people out there and good parents. Good for you taking the high road and good for your neighbor for raising there kids they way they did. Those are neighbors I wouldn't mind having.
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Old 11-09-2009, 03:59 AM
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I actually had this happen this Saturday. I shot my 1st doe ever with a bow & tracked about 30 yds, found the arrow & went to go get my buddy to help me drag the deer out - 30 mins... We tracked the blood for about 150 yds, then we found the gut pile
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Originally Posted by Phil from Maine
I am glad that stuff doesn't happen to often up here.. As with the big areas I hunt in there is not a lot of hunters.. I have heard tell of people stealing deer that was dressed and left in the woods in orrder to get help to get them out though.. One guy put a penny in a small slit behind an eye and was able to reclaim it though. As they put the proof of the burden back onto the hunters to prove who shot it.. That is just one trick that a hunter will use to reclaim a deer if it had to be left to get help.. It is sad how some people can't wait to steal from another hunter..
Arond here some people rip a dollar and push it into a small slit in a leg. If there is a question they produce the other half and have the match on the number.
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we should be able to hunt people like that. i hope the meat was tainted and make their eyes rot out when they eat. i cant stand thieves
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Old 11-09-2009, 07:45 AM
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i shot a doe one time, and it ran in and i waited about 45 minutes to go lookin, i tracked her about 200 yards and saw boot tracks and drag marks, so i followed them..back up to the road, headed towards my camp to the main road....and i was told of poachers out at our place the night before, so i think im trakin one, and i only got my bow....so whats good fer the goose ya kno..i loaded a arrow up and did some stalkin so the guy wouldnt see me walkin down the road ya kno...i follow the drag marks down right by my truck...so i slide down the side of my truck and can hear the guy doin somethin in my truck,and my tint is limo so cant see through the glass either way and he is in the bed area, so i pop up arow drawn and point it at the guy!!!!

Its my bes friend lol, the deer basically ran up to him on a trail where he was huntin and died, he figured it was mine as we use the same arrows, and its stickin out the shoulder(back when i tried mechanical broad-heads) and he hauled it down to field dress and hang so he could keep huntin w/o a dead deer under his stand...was tooo funny..

moral: be careful who you are pointin deadly weapons at!!!
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that's unconscionable, I would love to find someone on my land trying to steal my kill.
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Old 11-09-2009, 08:13 AM
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I was steaming mad on Sunday, not from a stolen deer, but from a facebook message 9:40am. Duh, he arrowed a deer, and he thinks he hit the shoulder...duh, he found the arrow with blood on it, looked for an hour, and gave up. He figured the arrow just bounced off the shoulder bone and came out.
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It takes all kinds! These are the same people that will steal your stands and blinds! I hate people like that. I wish they had a season to hunt them!
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Hopefully I never catch anyone trying to steal any of my Deer!!! If they try, they might find themselves laying next to it! Real hunters dont need to steal other peoples kills!!!!
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I'm not condoning stealing deer, or anything for that matter, the thought of somebody knowingly taking a deer they didn't shoot a day, an hour, or even minutes after it was killed is just blood curdling. However, to play devil's advocate, how many of you would tag and keep a deer you found with no evidence of a blood trail to back track, and no other hunters in the area? Assuming you could tell it was fresh and the weather was cool and the meat was still good, and there was an obvious bullet/arrow wound so you knew the deer didn't die from sickness, would you be able to just let that deer rot in the woods? I know there are a lot of us on here that would try our hardest to back track the trail to find the original shooter, just as diligent if not moreso than if it were our own deer, but what if that comes up empty? I'm not saying it's ok to take a deer that could easily be found by the original shooter, but who's to say that some of the instances of people taking a deer weren't just hunters trying to salvage an animal they thought to be abandoned?
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