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What can i do

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I went to two different Universities for undergrad and after just a little research (actually, driving around) I found thousands of acres of public hunting at both. Its there, you just have to put in a little time. Sometimes I was driving 45 minutes to hunting spots, but I didn't mind if it mean't getting out to the woods. Talk to people at school, Im sure there are some that hunt and know a few spots that don't mind sharing with you that are public.

About the Grammar here, I don't think anyone here every makes negative comments about a youngster, but when you're in college, you should have the skills to write a paragraph someone can understand. Other than that, iSnipe said it all. In the business world you never know who is going to see your writing. I once talked to a guy sitting next to me at a Cub's game and after talking to him (not knowing who he was or what he did) he said his company could use someone like me. He gave me his card and I eventually took a great job with his company. If I talked and acted like an uneducated person even though it was a Cub's game I never would have gotten such a great opportunity.

No one is going to bust someone else's chops for forgetting a period, comma or misspelling an occasional word, but come on, I want to be able to understand a paragraph without reading it 3 times.
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