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Another way to ruin hunting

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Nicely stated
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Talking I agree

My first buck was a 3 point mulie.
I hunt on my land.
And the dumb thing was is that.
There are 7 seperate 6 pointers that frequently use our pond.
I could of waited but nooo
I had to shoot the little forkhorn....
lessons are being learned every day.
So dont be ashamed if u cant get a "big one"
on your first hunting day.
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I agree with Father Forkhorn. We don't know who we're talking to on forums. And everyone is learning at their own pace and abilities. I love mature bucks just as much as anybody, but I believe a legal deer is a nice trophy no matter the size.
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Originally Posted by TWDeer View Post
I agree with Father Forkhorn. We don't know who we're talking to on forums. And everyone is learning at their own pace and abilities. I love mature bucks just as much as anybody, but I believe a legal deer is a nice trophy no matter the size.
Any deer taken safely and ethically is, in my mind, a trophy
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I strongly agree that everyones first deer is a trophy no matter if it is a doe or a giant buck, its all the same to the kid.
my first deer was a medium sized doe, and im still proud of it to this day because it was my first deer.

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Most of the game farms in SA does not have Lione and Cheetahs roaming around. With no predators the antelope has a lot of freedom and their numbers increase drastically due to the fact that there aren't realy any dangers for them in thei habitat.

A lot of the farmers, especially in the water mountains, has to hunt extra due to the environment not being able to handle the amount of animals that are feeding from it.

So basically, the hunters are keeping a balance in the eco system, and when a farm starts getting over hunted, the animals get more clever and they become nearly impossible to hunt. Believe my, I've seen it a couple of times.
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I wish more people actually went out and failed on their own, than sat here with all these "professionals" :/ and chatted about how to hunt on the internet.
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Yes indeed. Everyone has the right to shoot any legal deer no matter what others may think..Good post.

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Well said, not everyoone is a trophy hunter and it is there own descion to make. I myself wont shoot small bucks but I wont bash someone because they shoot everything that walks by. I may not agree, but if they own the land they can hunt the way they want.
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Default Right On!

I agree! great response!

Originally Posted by Father Forkhorn View Post
Harshly criticizing young hunters in forum posts is a good way to do it. We all need to be aware that the person we're criticizing in a post may be a young hunter who makes the biggest mistakes because they are still learning. We don't want to discourage a young person from hunting, because it weakens us as a whole.

I can point out two posting mistakes we've made in particular:

1. Hammering a beginner who took a small buttons buck as a first deer.

True, it might have kept a deer from developing into a trophy rack, but a first deer is absolutely a trophy. Congratulate the kid for doing what's necessary to be a successful hunter and then raise the bar for the next season--e.g. it has to have a visible rack--or challenge him to distinguish a buttons buck from a doe.

2. Hammering a young hunter who botched a search for a wounded deer. Don't criticize, but instead gently correct and teach so they learn to do it right the next time.

I can remember that they never told us how to do this in hunter safety--only that you should wait for a deer to lie down and then search. It never said anything about grid searches or how long to search. They may need our help and encouragement to realize how to do it.
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