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shooting doe

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Default shooting doe

I own 150 acres upstate and bow/rifle hunt ever year. How do u think shooting doe effects the population of bucks and doe?

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Not much. In a health herd, generally all the does don't get bred during the rut. So there are does out there using food and not contributing to the population. Taking a few does out of the population generally has little affect on it.
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And it would depend on what your deer herd population is now. I don't think a couple would matter either.
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unless your 150 acre is an "island" with no deer on the surrounding properties it would make no difference.....if somehow you shoot the only doe on your 150 acres It would be a very short time before a doe from surrounding property wandered over.

take some does! don't be shy
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Obviously, overall numbers will be reduced, as those does won't be around to bear fawns. That's not necessarily bad, as it means remaining deer will not face as much competition for food. (which can be a problem in some areas) They also won't be as likely overbrowse, and that will contribute to better forest growth and overall habitat for deer and other species.

I understand this can positively affect antler growth in bucks as it means that they have more access to ideal food sources.

Where they encourage doe harvest and have restrictions on antler size, it has generally meant fewer actual numbers of deer, but bucks get bigger and have better antler quality overall.
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