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head shot/ethics

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Headshot? I've thought about it once, but decided to wait for the broadside. The range was 125 yards, so I thought better of trying it. Now, it the range was under 30, and the deer was totally calm... maybe.

Buckshot is not legal in Iowa, so I have no input other than I know of many in buckshot legal/mandatory areas than have had both very good and very poor performance. I, personally, wouldn't use buckshot unless it was required. Slugs are a much better option when shotgun hunting, IMO.

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Originally Posted by djdkman

I hate retards that assume because someone says they donít believe in something...its automatic they believe that way because they "cant"...I am a military expert in both rifle and handgun and shoot ALOT...
So you got a ribbon for accuracy back when you were in basic training, whoopty doo.
Unless your TACP or Combat Controll you havent handled an M4 since basic training, expert.
What is it you do in the AF.
I have a friend that supposably was a sniper in the Marines. He wounds more animals than anyone I know.
I hunted some bases here in town, we had one dufus shoot at noises in the woods. Was that you.
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Dang guys....why all the animosity? I think it's a legit question.
No, I haven't taken a head shot, but I haven't had too. Would I....sure, if I were confident I could make it. As for the 600+ yards shooting, wow, way beyond me. Even with my rifle, I'm confident to maybe 300-350yards. A head shot within 2sec. off hand at 75 yards? Again, beyond me, not so say wrong for you, because you are obviously more competent with your slug gun/rifle than I am, but definitely wrong for me. Let's not get into the pissing contest of who is better at who shooting etc. Forum battles are pointless as you can never actually prove your point when it comes to abilities unless you meet up and shoot. Remember, we are all hunters who enjoy hunting and the outdoors. Respect each other and work together as we are all in this for basically the same reason(s)!! Good hunting and be safe.
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Originally Posted by Hoyt_shooter02
I haven't taken a head shot, but I haven't had too. Would I....sure, if I were confident I could make it.
Most people taking head shots haven't "had too" either. It's more about the latter of your words.


Hoyt_shooter -... please. LOL!

OBVIOUSLY the guy who said he was a marine sniper who allegedly wounded all those deer is either lying he was or the person who said that about him is misinformed; possibly stretching the truth. Hmm?

Most shot techs who are formerly trained don't mention their credentials for a variety of reasons; one being they know there's no real need to.


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I have always pondered the thought of taking a neck shot, but not a head shot. My first year in the woods a doe came out and her whole body was behind trees with the exception of her head. I wanted a deer soooooo bad, but I didn't take the shot, mainly because of a story my friend told me....

His dad had raised him to shoot deer in the head. It was his first time ever hunting, a doe came out, he put the reticle on the head and pulled the trigger. He hit the deer in the jaw, blew the entire area from below the eyes to the mouth off. He got lucky and was given another shot from the deer, but if he hadn't....just think of what that deer would have had to go through.

All it takes is just a little movement or just a mistake to make a shot like that go terribly wrong. For me I'll stick to the 18" boiling room I can shoot at. And even if I do ruin some meat from the front shoulders, we usually dont even mess with the front quarters anyways, so no wasted meat for me.
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Its also a proven fact that a deer stressed before dying will have tuffer and less tasty meat than one that dies instanlty.
adrenaline = tuff meat.
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djdkman - hoyt thanks for trying to calm it down around here i didnt intend to get people nasty with each other. as for expeience i hunt with a guy that is in his 50s and would never dream of a head neck shot cause even ofa rest he shoots marginally, he shoots all year and just shoots ok. his only shot is the boiler room .... Absolutely not floating my own boat but im a GOOD shot thats it im not a sniper ive never been trained im just a good shot even if it were a broadside shot at a chicken barn i would only take it if i felt confident i could put it right were it needed to be

as for somebody else that said it no a head shot does not make me feel manly it makes me feel good not having to chase a deer and wonder the whole time how much pain it was in even if only for 20 30 40 yards whatever it is it had to feel it.

I still take a broadside shot but just wanted to discuss other options that i dont pass up and see how many people would pass them up.

ive seen a few hit in the neck and hey all dropped instantly as well, one was very poor shot attempt at front shoulders from 10 year old kid, is he a retard that wants to feel manly no hes a kid that is hookedfor life now instaed of pissed at his dad for not letting him shoot at an animal out of his comfort zone.

keep the input coming just dont think we need to bash each other over it Thanks
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Most of my shots have been behind the shoulder and will continue to be. They usually drop right there, but not always. I have shot a few in the neck (close range), and they dropped on the spot. I've only taken one head shot (real close range), and he dropped right on the spot.
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Originally Posted by kyhunter93
I wonder what a slug would doo. i wont take a headshot unless i need to.
This was a slug that bounced off her spine and came back out the same side....not a head shot, but you be the judge of what it would do.

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Originally Posted by fingerz42
Thats completely false information. The deer will NOT drop everytime due to shock.

Nonetheless, more meat is wasted with a neck shot. So what other excuse garbage are you going to give to make your manly head shots?

"Dude I just blew the head off that doe, I feel like such a man right now.."
DAAAANG I wish someone would have told me that I was field dressing {CRIPPLED} deer. Im sure that would be completly unethical. LMFAO They do drop every time. Maybe you should shut your manplea$er$ and go hunting.
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