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head shot/ethics

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Originally Posted by Dan480Man
The last one I took was at a mortaly wounded doe at 611 yards,
Wow that was a good shot. She probably had a two or three seconds to bob or flinch from the moment the trigger released. Glad she didn't.
I have a hard time getting 3" groups at 100yds when practicing in hunting type conditions!

I have taken a few head shots. You just know at that exact moment when its right to shoot. Ive always kept mine in real close.
When they are in their frozen statue mode.
The further out I'll pass. The more room for error on my (or the deers) part on such a small target.

I have cleaned more than one deer with peirced ears![/QUOTE]i find it hard to believe 611yrd head shot when u cant even keep "3" at 100, seriously, now that sounds an ethical to me,poor deers already suffering & what if just what if u would have blown that deers jaw off than we would have hd a mortaly wounded deer x2
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I took two head shots last year, about two seconds appart and took home two doe's for the freezer. The only time I don't use a head shot is when I can't see their head or their head has antlers I don't want broken, or they are too far distant to be sure I can make it work, and for me thats over 200 yds. But yes, everyone must know their limits.
Last year's were taken that way because all I could see was their heads, I was close enough to easily take those shots offhand, standing with no rest and their was no doubt at all that I could do it at 75 yds. Had they been moving or farther away I would have found a rest, let them pass or waited for a broadside shot. I just don't see any problem with any legal shot, especially one that has never failed for me.
If you were to wound and lose several deer then I would think you or anyone else an unethical hunter, no matter where on the animal you aim. I would say get some practice or stop shooting. But if you are sure in what you are doing and make successful shots, then keep on shooting, all shots are ethical if legal, and if they work for you.
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Originally Posted by zrexpilot
obviously because I can and you caint

I hate retards that assume because someone says they donít believe in something...its automatic they believe that way because they "cant"...I am a military expert in both rifle and handgun and shoot ALOT...that being said, I still would take a double lung/heart shot over a head/neck...but if it gets you off knowing you can blow the head off your quarry confidently then for it....hunt your own way. But MY ethics say no to head shots...the original post was posed as a question.
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well i will say something for buckshot...... we used to run dogs and i loved my 000 buck out of my 870.... never had a problem with deer going more than 50 yards
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Originally Posted by fingerz42
Neck? The neck is all muscle. If you get lucky, you'll clip the verterbrate and cripple him, if not its just flesh. Secondly, you say no meat wasted..?? You realize the huge roasts you get come from the neck right?

How is meat wasted when I shoot a deer in the ribs?

Ribs or neck.. you're obviously wasting more meat with a neck shot. Rookie.
WOW when shot in the ribs alot of times due to the angle you will take out one shoulder in my limited experience as i am a ROOKIE. If shot in the neck the deer will drop no matter if you hit the spine or not. Its called SHOCK from the bullet. You obviosly have limited experience and KNOWLEDGE.
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I shot one in the once with a 12 guage slug and it dropped in it's tracks.. A big hole going in and an even bigger hole going out. Another time I shot at a deer's head and did a complete miss.. I was using a 30-30 then. I was quite young on both of these shots and have learned to shoot for the neck when confronted with these types of shots.. So to each thier own on this one. For me it is preffered to take the neck shot over the head shot. Although I myself preffer the forward shoulder shot over anything else..
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Originally Posted by nromaker
WOW when shot in the ribs alot of times due to the angle you will take out one shoulder in my limited experience as i am a ROOKIE. If shot in the neck the deer will drop no matter if you hit the spine or not. Its called SHOCK from the bullet. You obviosly have limited experience and KNOWLEDGE.

Thats completely false information. The deer will NOT drop everytime due to shock.

Nonetheless, more meat is wasted with a neck shot. So what other excuse garbage are you going to give to make your manly head shots?

"Dude I just blew the head off that doe, I feel like such a man right now.."
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I"ve shot them in almost any place that will take the deer down, mostly in the shoulder, but a bunch of head/neck shots with buckshot. Only one I havn't tried is the high hip shot with a rifle, but I will guarantee if the only shot available was the high hip I would consider it. They will bleed out about as fast taking out the femoral vein as they will taking out the lungs.
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In all the years that I've hunted, I have never had a reason to take a head shot. Not saying that I wouldn't if I had too, just that I haven't needed to. I would much rather shoot at the larger heart/lung target, just in case my aim is off an inch or two.
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At a non-wounded animal, I would be hard pressed to take a head shot. I have taken down one deer with its ears shot, and another with its jaw blown off.

If an animal is wounded, any shot that will help take it down and be recovered is ethical.

As for buckshot, I quit using it before I was old enough to drive. I shot at a single deer with it, not a single pellet hit at 30 yards. I recovered or helped track several other deer wounded with it, they traveled long distances. If it doesn't have feathers you should know exactly where your bullet is going, not spray 12 small under-powered bullets at it and hope they go where they are supposed to. I won't go as far as to say it's not ethical, but I don't use it and won't take anyone out with me who does.
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