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head shot/ethics

Old 10-25-2009, 06:01 PM
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ive taken 1 head shot...

dropped her instantly..she didnt even twitch...

why did i take it?? she was completely blocked by trees...she came out of a drive with a pile of deer..she dwarfed all of them..i wanted her. she stuck her head out to look back and was looking away from me..i had a good rest and clear path to make the 30yd shot...i put it just to the left of her right ear and the bullet exited her cheek on the far side just like i wanted...

i did it because i KNEW 10000% that i could. she was completely focused on looking back...experience told me i had more than enough time before she was going to move again...i took and made the shot...

ky hunter,
entrance was invisible...exit was about the size of a quarter...that was 3006 168gr winchester ballistic tips..

this is the exit...
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wow may have been that the range was further with mine but exit was 4 times that
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The last one I took was at a mortaly wounded doe at 611 yards,

Wow that was a good shot. She probably had a two or three seconds to bob or flinch from the moment the trigger released. Glad she didn't.
I have a hard time getting 3" groups at 100yds when practicing in hunting type conditions!

I have taken a few head shots. You just know at that exact moment when its right to shoot. Ive always kept mine in real close.
When they are in their frozen statue mode.
The further out I'll pass. The more room for error on my (or the deers) part on such a small target.

I have cleaned more than one deer with peirced ears!

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I wonder what a slug would doo. i wont take a headshot unless i need to.
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I dont know. I've never shot one in the head but thats not saying I wouldn't. I guess it depends on the situation, but I see nothing ethically wrong with it as long as the hunter knows he can make the shot.
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I govern my own ethics on shots most people consider unethical. Myself? I know my limits because I shoot a lot. I mean a lot. Like Dan above, looks like he practices under hunting conditions. I love that. You prove nothing on the bench except refine your technique and how well you're gun is grouping. If you want to know your potential, practice situations similar to the real thing. Albeit there will be a lack of adrenaline, but the rest will come natural when firing if you've practiced it enough.

As for taking this topic's controversial shot... it's not controversial to me.

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I dont understand the use of Ethical in this discussion. You will either kill it dead if you hit it or miss it clean! No chance of a gut shot or some other wounding option. The question is: can you make the shot?
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Originally Posted by nromaker
Shoot them in the head or preferably neck every time. no meat wasted and the animal never knows what hit them. dont care what the popular opinion is.THAT IS ETHICAL.

Neck? The neck is all muscle. If you get lucky, you'll clip the verterbrate and cripple him, if not its just flesh. Secondly, you say no meat wasted..?? You realize the huge roasts you get come from the neck right?

How is meat wasted when I shoot a deer in the ribs?

Ribs or neck.. you're obviously wasting more meat with a neck shot. Rookie.
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There is tons of deer killed every year with a 22 mag and head shots.That is the way the control deer in city limets now days.They hire guys to use night scopes and 22 mags.They head shoot every deer they can. It was just done in KC Kansas.Guy went in to a park at knight with 22 mags and shoot many many deer.All in the head.
AS for oobuck.That is mean shoot.Out to around 50 yards it will drop deer every time.I dont do much hunting with a gun any more at all.I do knot many old timers that pack buck shot around with them when bird hunting. They fill there deer tags every year that way.I just hate to help them cleen there deer,after a shot like that.From what I have seen.You normaly get 4 to 8 pelets in a deer at 40 to 50 yards.Just seems like to many of them are in the guts to me.
I will stick to my arrows to do my killing.No head shots with the old bow :{

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