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Need advice on cold weather hunting gear

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Need advice on cold weather hunting gear

Old 10-14-2009, 05:29 PM
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Default Need advice on cold weather hunting gear

Hey folks,

I've been hunting for about 10 years now in Delaware County, New York. I primarily hunt from a tree stand and cannot stay warm in cold weather. I've been researching "cold weather hunting gear" and found some information but am seeking more advice here. I have ordered polypropylene fleece thermals, sock liners, and balaclava. I've been using woolrich wool pants and a refridgewear coat for years along with Rocky boots (1,000 grams of thinsulate). My feet alwats get cold! I want to buy some really warm boots and outer layer clothing. What is the best stuff out there for cold weather stand hunting?


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Old 10-14-2009, 05:53 PM
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For boots, and I know there are different out there now, but my LaCrosse Ice Kings I've had for about 10 years now have kept my feet toasty! One thing you don't want to do is get your feet too sweaty. You can help prevent this by leaving them open and loose until you get to your stand. If you get your feet sweaty, the build up of moisture will get your feet colder. You can tighten them after you get to your stand. Be sure to use polypropylene socks too as the base layer.

I was a hard core fanatical bowhunter and know the importance of warmth while not being all bulked up, so I was where you are now once too.

I like the poly's as well, but in colder weather, I'd double-up on the tops and bottoms. I would get the tops in the tall size so I can tuck them to keep cold air drafts away.

What would really help you is getting products from

This will stop the wind like nothing you've seen. Better than glass. LOL! I use the stuff and it's amazing how well it does to stop the wind.

You did ask about what's the best stuff out there for cold weather stand hunting. There are a few in that bunch, but Raven Wear comes to mind. It's spendy, but worth it.

A tip I'd like to give is that you can't rush to your stand. No matter what brand or amount of clothes you have on, if you get your base layers damp, you'll be getting cold sooner or later. That's why it's important to get base layers that wick the moisture from your skin. I'll give you an example of wicking...

Last year coming out of the woods from scouting, I knew I was getting warm. I had forgotten about it and eventually got back to my place. While taking off my tops, I had a thin jacket, a cotton long sleeve shirt and a polypropylene base. I couldn't understand why my cotton shirt was wet. ??!! It was due to the walking around I did. The poly wicked the sweat which was soaked up by the cotton shirt! My poly base top was dry!

So, if you can, pack some clothes in a backpack while going to your stand. Walk easy and at a slow pace. If you need to, take a 5 minute break to keep from over-heating. Once you get to your stand, you can cool off again, then get the rest of your clothes on. This will help keep your inner clothes dry. Hope that helps.

Oh, and they have battery heated socks too you may look into.

Stay warm.

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Old 10-14-2009, 07:54 PM
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Isnipe has great advice above. Use tons of polypro, wicking sock liners then wool as an outer sock. The key is to have tons of air circulation in the boots so they trap the warm air. if boots are tight feet will get cold. I just bought a cabelas sst bowhunter parka and pants coat onsale from 279.99 down to like 150 or somthing. this SOB is warm, waterproof, scentlok, windproof, and most importantly freiking silent!! it was a good deal IMO. As Isnipe said above don't let yourself sweat, walk in with no clothes on if you have to. That is why people get cold. I do a ton of whitetail stand hunting in MI, and spot and stalk hunting in Idaho. I always keep a backpack with extra clothes, too much sweating then I peel off the first two layers and put on two fresh inner layers.
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Old 10-14-2009, 07:57 PM
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I know a guy who is just like you.

He packs in a camo sleeping bag and gets into it up to his armpits.

Worth a try if you hunt from a stand or a blind.
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Default imo

Cold gear works great for me here in IL.stay dry look for the heater that fits over your bow grip runs on a small battery AMAZING!!
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Old 10-14-2009, 08:13 PM
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A baggy one piece outer layer helps a lot. I like using handwarmers inside my coat. I usually put one in each breast pocket of my shirt. I will put one on the back of my neck if it's brutal cold. Make sure you don't put it directly next to you skin. Some people are using those heat wraps that they use for sore backs. If i'm going in for an all day sit in cold weather I usually carry most of my clothes instead of wearing them in. I don't get sweaty that way. Sweat will get you every time. Move around every so often BEFORE you get cold.
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I have had cold feet forever; have several pair of boots that were supposed to keep feet warm but didn't. One pair of rubber boots from Sportsmans guide have 2000 grams of thinsulate that are just ok but do not fit at all. Decided to give it one more try and bought a pair of Kennetrek "Northern" boots. They have thinsulate built into the sole and a wool felt liner. Had 'em on when it was 10 degrees and my feet were toasty warm. They are as warm as they say.
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Mickey Mouse boots, Army Issue extreme cold weather boots, also pick up the army issue poly proplyne thermals.

I hunt broome county and about four other counties in NY, Ice fish lake ontario when it's -28 far; fish out of a boat until the river freezes and my feet don't get cold.
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Ditto what magicman says about handwarmers. Use some duct tape and tape them to your first undershirt. Maybe a couple in front and a couple in the back. Also one on the front of each calf and thigh. These should help keep your legs nice and warm and the wram blodd will circulate thru your feet but only if your boots are not too tight. Wiggle your toes often to promote circulation.
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Old 10-15-2009, 08:06 AM
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sell all your old stuff and go get the good stuff from canada catalog..gl..what i had to do, notjin they sell in texas is better
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