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So how many people does not bowhunt??
I does!

The first one was a bad shot,i'll admit that

And it was not my equpment or shooting,I have $600 invested in my bowhunting gear and I can cut vanes at 40yds with my broadheads..
So you claim it's not your shooting but admit you made a bad shot. Hmmmm.

I believe too many deer are shot and wounded and not found than many bowhunters will admit..
You base this belief on what? Your inability to bow hunt? If not, I'll like to know what you base this claim on.

I can honestly say that I could kill deer more consistantly with a 22lr than I could,or anyone else could with a Bow and arrow
I agree with the first part of your statement but how can you assume anything about others' abilities?

Anyone else feel the same way I do about bowhunting?
I would assume only other ignorant people.

Do you work for PETA?
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i respect your opinion.......but your mistaken with alot of that info and ill leave it at that.
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Originally Posted by toyota4x4
Bowhunting is no diffrent than gun hunting sir. You have just as much chance of losing your deer in that sport to. Put in your practice time shooting and at the very least you will not ever doubt your shot. A week ago a friend got his first bow kill with a less than average 600$ bow, the doe ran less than 60yds and died. 3 days ago a diffrent friend made a 15yd shot broadside with the arrow passing completly through and we found ZERO blood anywhere that doe was lost. Last year I helped my dad track a buck he shot with a rifle, found blood initially then lost the trail and never recovered the deer. This happens to everybody in both sports,im not quitting either one.

As far as bowhunters not admitting to the high number of losses, I counter that many gun hunters are even more guilty of the same thing on a larger scale, they just chalk it up to a miss. Shoot a deer at 200 yards in bean stubble then try and walk out to where that deer was standing and pick up a bllod trail. Or pick out the tree were the deer went into the woods at your last visual after a shot. I can do it and most good hunter know how to do it (although most can't walk to the exact spot in a bean stubble, they need to find other clues when they get close). But a lot of inexperienced hunters can't do that and when they can'tr find blood from looking in the wrong spot (maybe only being off by 15 to 20 yards) they give up and say it was a miss only to have the dead deer laying in the woods 50 yrds away.

All I am saying is that with a bow at bow speeds and ranges you know (most of the time) that you hit the animal. The quality of the shot may be in question but hit or miss not so much. As far as a gun goes with the long ranges making finding the blood mmore difficult as well as gun speeds making a hit difficult to confirm without reading the body language of the deer (gained from experience) novice gun hunters (especially when out on their own) have just as much a chance at wounding a deer then bowhunters.

Plus, IMHO a razor sharp broadhead that does not lead to a recovery will produce a wound that is clean and allows a deer a much better chance of surviving. Can't say that about any wound produced by a firearm.
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Wrong time to write a thread about bowhunters losing more deer than gun hunters.Just my opinion but I find most bowhunters to be more carefull to make a quality shot than most gun-hunters.Sure there is always a few poor hunters but if you take into account here in Wisconsin we have over 700,000 gun lic. sold compared to not sure of numbers but my guess is maybe 250,000 bow license who do you think are taking more poor shots.Everybody and there uncle buys a gun deer tag and most shoot that gun once a year.Not to mention the ones that go out and drink the night before or make deer drives and shoot at just about anything.Just on numbers alone more IDIOTS in woods=more wounded deer.
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Still working on my first archery deer. Hopefully this weekend But anyways, all the deer I've shot with a centerfire or muzzleloader have dropped where they were. About...hmm...8 or 10 deer? I've been deer hunting for close to 6yrs, plenty of time left to experience other things though. I've seen 2 deer shot with a rifle run a little ways, all the rest dropped dead. I believe that good archery equipment, razor sharp broadheads, and a good shooter will kill very effectively. Why? Because it's been done for a long time
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how do you BARELY kill a deer?! haha thats ridiculous...you dont know a thing about what your doin...i agree with wayles
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This is very amuseing..Keep it coming douche bags!!
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Originally Posted by brushbustin
This is very amuseing..Keep it coming douche bags!!
That's funny! I Actually called you the same thing in my first post (page 2) but edited shortly thereafter because it seemed childish. I was right....

I stand by my "half-wit" comment though. Stay out of the woods kid.
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Originally Posted by brushbustin
I can cut vanes at 40yds with my broadheads..
Maybe you should glue vanes to their ribcages and wait for them to get 40 yds. away
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Originally Posted by CoonHunter3r

I don't care who you are, or where you come from, that avitar of your's is some funny chit!
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