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Maybe you should take up checkers... sewing .... Its up to you! It happens to everyone ... Maybe research a little more bud...
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im glad ur just givin up, people like you not followin up on a perfect broadside shot and leavin it in the woods looks bad on hunters..maybe you should just hunt inside a fence thatway you have a better chance at the staff findin your deer fer you. i would recommend you play volley ball or softball instead of hunting....remember, keep your eye on the ball gl
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Do you really think the heart or lungs of a deer really know if it just had a hole punched thru it with a broadhead or a bullet? A shot to the vitals is a shot to the vitals and will put a deer down 100% of the time, no matter what was the cause. With the cutting diameter of some of todays heads, they'd leave a bigger hole than a bullet. You must be using a huge magnum overkill firearm that knocks the deer off of its feel everytime and leaves a softball size exit wound
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First off I have been Bow hunting for the past 23 years now and I have never wounded a deer one. Secondly, the furthest I have had a deer run off was approximatly 1/2 a mile which I still found her within 45 min of shooting. Thirdly, I have killed well over 50+ deer and all but the one that I mentioned earlier in this post, has died within 30 yards of where I have shot each of them. All with a Bow. If you don't put in the time to practice shooting, time in the woods, being able to control your nerves when a deer approaches, then you will be more likely to make mistakes. You stated that you lost 3 deer, do you know how many deer are hit by cars, and trucks only to wonder off into the woods after an accident and die? It's a staggering number here in Ohio. You can invest $10,000.00 in all of your hunting gear if you want to or can afford too, but if you don't use it properly, don't spend the time and effort into tuning everything including yourself, then it does't matter what you spend on it. It's not a dollar figure you need to be concerned about, it's you personally that you need to look at. Look, I don't know you from the man in the moon, I'm not trying to attack you, just simply saying that based on your comments you probably have not spent much time in the woods hunting, and you probably have not spent much time practicing with your equipment either. Hell, my first 7 years in the woods I didn't kill or shoot a single thing. The people that got me into Bow hunting didn't know that much themselves let alone try to teach me. But i fell in love with it, studied, practiced and spent mass amounts of time in the deer woods that got me where I am today. Not bragging by any stretch, but my typical deer season I get 5-6 deer a year. I have people here on this website that ask me for help here in Ohio, like advice and my opinion. I take more deer on public hunting land than most do on private land. I have my best friend Darrel whom I also work with, has only been Bow hunting 3 years now, killing deer every year. But he has spent time in the woods, has read everything he could, watched shows and DVD's and flat out listened and learned and is a deer killing machine now. So here is my advice to you. Take all the time that you can and practice with your Bow and anything else you use while hunting. Read, study, watch and learn. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither will your hunting skills. It takes time, practice and a willingness to learn. Good luck and sorry about my rambling.
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I remember back when began bowhunting in 1969 that there was the occasional lost animal. But after about 2 years I calmed down and took good killing shots and since then I have been very fortunate. I hunt WV and VA and have taken a lot of deer over the years with my bows. All I can say is if it was a perfect shot it is like none of my perfect shots because with my perfect shots the critter doesn't get out of sight. I think this guy is playing with us.


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I hope you know you asked for all of the flak you're getting but I will say this, bowhunting definitely has less margin than rifle hunting. This is due to the fact that an arrow relies on killing an animal by cutting major organs and bloodvessels causing massive bloodloss where a bullet kills by shock (and to a lesser extent bloodloss). When you make a bad shot with a bow, if you don't hit any major organs or blood vessels, an animal will usually live (or die much later by a secondary infection). Also, you usually don't have a quick followup shot on a wounded animal with a bow (although not always). With a rifle, even if you make a poor shot and wound an animal, you usually knock them down allowing for a quick second or third shot. However, if care is taken and a hunter properly prepares (i.e. lot's of practice, a properly tuned bow and sharpened broadheads) and ONLY takes shots that are well within his/her range (which is within 20-25 yards for most hunters) with either a broadside or quartering away shot THEN a bow is just as effective as killing a deer as a rifle. From my own experience, the only time I've almost lost an animal was with a rifle and it was when I first started deer hunting. I took a shot at a running button buck and I gut shot him as he was running by at 25 yards. I watched him bed down about 100 yards away and I was so excited I started chasing him immediately and he took off into some deep timber. If my uncle's friend wasn't such a good tracker, I would have never found him. The 2 deer I've taken with a bow never went farther than 30 yards because I only took standing broadside shots at less than 20 yards and I hit the deer in the vitals (double lung and double lung/spine). I also have a well tuned bow and I sharpened all of my broadheads before taking them into the field. I hope you reconsider bowhunting as it's more challenging and (IMO) much more enjoyable than rifle hunting. I get more of a sense of accomplishment when I take the animal and even a yearling doe is a trophy.
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Maybe your just not tracking long enough
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I have been bow hunting for 29 years and I can honestly say I have lost 2 deer with a bow in that time . First one I tracked for 3 hundred yards ... bad hit in the liver ... really great blood trail till I found the bed but no deer and no blood ... found out a few weeks later the farmers son walked up on her and finished her off ... he and friend carried her off ... hence no trail....The other I lost and then found a week later and that was a bad shot do to a steep angle and a mechanical rear deployed broad head and ultimately poor judgment on my part.That said I have been hunting almost as long with a gun and have lost 0 deer.... thank god I was brought up to respect game enough to practice ,be proficient,and persistent.
To be honest this post in my opinion is trash .... too condemn the sport of bow hunting for mistakes , lack of faith, or poor judgment is wrong . This post gives fuel for the antis to use in their inflammatory campaigns against the people that enjoy the sport.
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can of worms.
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