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Deer avoiding your corn too?

Old 10-04-2009, 04:01 PM
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Default Deer avoiding your corn too?

Deer are hitting the acorns hard. I have 265 acres to myself, and it's hard to find the deer. I've lloked for signs, but I've had no luck because everything is really so thick. I'm hoping that once the acorns are gone; they will hit the corn. Any input would be mucho appreciated.
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The deer r goin crazy over corn here,bow season starts the 15th,gonna try to gig 1!!!
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Old 10-04-2009, 04:43 PM
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the deer here in ne alabama aren't really eating corn they are eating acorns like crazy.
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Old 10-04-2009, 04:51 PM
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do you have bears where you are? last year i was getting super frustrated with the deer not eating my corn. it was several things but the main thing that ran them off was on my trail camera. we had bears start moving in the area i was hunting and while the deer will still be there they generally try to stay away from the bears as much as possible. bears are lazy too, they'll lay down at a corn pile and rake it into their mouth. try spreading your corn out over a large area and don't make mounds of corn that just attracts them for some reason.
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Hunt the acorns, here in NC they are hitting the Pin Oaks and White Oaks...Find the trees next to the bedding areas...
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I have a big corn pile and deer are walking by it too! i dont get it! its like there not hungry for corn.
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Try several different things together. I use a mineral brick and a apple brick next to my feeder. I sometimes see deer only utilizing the mineral brick and apple brick instead of the corn. Last year I start utilizing a protein nugget mixed with my corn and have seen the deer attracted more to that mixture than all the acorns on the ground!

So I recommend utilizing corn and a protein nuggets together in your feeder, place a mineral brick, and a apple brick place near your feeder. I have found all of this at www.mikeswildlifefeedersandsupplies.com. Mike uses all of his products. So he has first hand knowledge of all of his stuff. His mineral brick has all of the minerals recommended by biologist, his apple bricks are made from natural grains, and his protein feed has all the mineral and protein recommended by biologist. Everything is really fair priced compaired to Bass Pro and Cabelas. Check it out.
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Not really hitting the beans or the cornfields at all this year unless its all after dark...ive seen a few going in and out of the corn but not much...they are hitting the corn bait piles though.
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I have already placed out trace mineral salt in the ground, and I'm using rice bran directly under the feeder. We don't have any bears where I'm from.
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Deer have slacked off the corn in the last few weeks but started hitting the mineral licks pretty hard here in ok.........

I would say they will be back again soon when they get a little tired of the acorns!
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