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Default Homemade scent free body wash?

I was wondering if anyone had a recipe for homemade body wash, or soap? I got tired of paying high price for scent free spray, and started making my own. I was wondering if anyone has made any body wash, or soap? My scent free spray works really good. After I've been working outside, and all sweaty I'd spray some of it all over the stinky shirt, and let it sit for a few minutes. It really did take the smell away to where I couldn't smell it. It seemed to do a better job that the scent-a-way I had did. All I did for it was buy 2 boxes of baking soda. 2 gallons of purified drinking water, and a big bottle of peroxide. I boiled the 2 galons of water, and let them boil for a few minutes. I got a big water dispenser, and put the baking soda and peroxide in that and shook it up. After the water cooled I put it in with the baking soda, and peroxide, and shook it up. I would go back every few hours and shake it up again. I let it sit for about 3-4 days. I did have to vent the lid every once in awhile for the first day. It would build up hard pressure. I was thinking maybe you could make some kind of body wash with a bunch of baking soda, and water, and kinda make it into a paste, or something? Any ideas?
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i make cover spray with leaves needles acorns etc. it works
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To steal a recipe that has been posted before, this stuff works:

16 oz distilled water
16 oz 3% hydrogen peroxide (regular brown bottle from drug store)
.25 cup baking soda
1 oz scent free liquid soap (the green HS stuff is good)

Pour all ingredients into an opaque container (peroxide doesn't like light) and mix up. Keep the cover loose for a few days otherwise it may pop due to off gassing. This recipe has been all over the web. It is advertised as a great homade scent killer on hunting sites. Lots of sites recommend this stuff for if your dog gets skunked to. I just mixed some up tonight and will be using it this weekend.
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That recipe works great for skunked dogs. I've used it many times. Double it for a dog bath though. That recipe aint enough for a big stinky dog.
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Default cover scent

Has anyone ever tried only baking soda and water to spray down just before going to your stand? Maybe a little crushed charcoal added. I haven't tried it, just curious if anyone else has and if it will work.
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Yea I already make the scent free spray. I was wondering if anyone knows a recipe for like body wash, or soap? Like when your in the shower? I wonder if you could mix up tons of baking soda to a small amount of water, and kind of make a paste to wash with?
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Allow a bar of plain Ivory soap (99.44% pure soap) to dissolve in water (this takes a while and works better if the water is hot)...then mix with baking soda and peroxide (optional). Would not recommend washing hair with it (via peroxide).

Cover scent 1

Collect detritus from your hunting area...leaves, pine/hemlock/cedar needles, acorns, hickory nuts (no walnuts), etc. Mix together in a large pot (maybe for frying a turkey) with purified water, bring to a boil and reduce for 1-2 hours...filter out any remaining solids.

Cover scent 2

Kill a doe...(best if done during the rut)...after carefully gutting, harvest the bladder and place in a ziploc bag...drain the bladder into a small glass or plastic bottle...label with the date.
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I am not sure if it works or not, I have never used it.
So who has used this, and how did it perform?

Thank You

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i recently got tired of buying scent away deoderant at $4.00 a stick. i started buying regular Arm & Hammer unscented deoderant instead for about $1.99. the Arm & Hammer deoderant also last about 3-4 times longer due to being more of it than the scent away brand and works as good if not better on my perspiration.
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Originally Posted by marlin30/30_drabe View Post
i make cover spray with leaves needles acorns etc. it works
Careful with the acorns, I did that when I started twenty years ago and a lot of young deer would spot me in the tree
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