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20 Gauge H&R Topper Jr.

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Default 20 Gauge H&R Topper Jr.

New guy here. Just getting into hunting really. Always loved going and watching and hearing the stories but never did it really myself. I got this H&R Topper Jr. Model 20 Gauge with a smooth bore when I was like 12 years old. Would this gun be suitable to just slap a scope on and go hunting with or does it not perform to the rest of the new and improved 20 gauges. I know the rifling will make a huge difference but how would it do for hunting other than that.

Any input you guys can give would be great. Thanks in advance!
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since this is a smoothbore use foster type rifle slugs (non saboted) try a few brands, they are cheap, also not sure if the shotgun is drilled and tapped for a scope, you maybe better off with just the iron sights. This gun will kill deer, it will not have the range nor the accuracy like todays modern rifled shotguns and sabot slugs.
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My 12ga absolutely sucks, but my son's single shot Rossi 20ga shoots 2 inch groups at 50yds shooting rifled slugs and no scope. I love his gun, it's barely longer than my arm and shoots like a dream. Given the choice for a 50yd to 75yd slug gun, I'll take his over mine any day.
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The topper hs no scope mounting provisions. It is simply a brass bead sight

Many, many hunters started (and some still do) hunting with shotguns exactly like the Topper. The Topper is a very well made shotgun especially for the money. I have one myself.

Certainly newer, rifled barrel shotguns with scopes are going to outperform something like a Topper, but as with any equipment, you just have to know the limitations and operate within them to get satisfactory results.

I took my fair share of deer as a young grasshopper with a single-shot myself. I remember shooting my first deer from behind a huge deadfall in a meadow down below the apple orchard. Sweet memories.

My suggestion would be to grab say 3 boxes of basic "pumpkinball" rifled slugs from Remington (Slugger), Winchester (Super X), Federal (Power-Shok), Federal (Tru-ball) and Brenneke (KO).

Carefully shoot some of each make and see which works best for you and your Topper. Try shooting say 25 and 50 yards. (Go 75 if things work out well enough for you to do it) Spread the shots out so the barrel doesn't get all heated up, this will affect your results. Some usually work better than others. And be sure to clean the barrel and allow it to fully cool between different brands so you start them all on an even playing field.

Most of these slugs can be had for about $4/box so your outlay is like $60.00.

I wish you well in your endevours and welcome to the most wonderful of playgrounds God has ever given us - the great outdoors!
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I took a 20 guage topper and drilled and tapped the barrell for a weaver base and put a scope on it. I also put some tactical stocks on it. shoots pretty darn good at 50 yds. But kicks like a mule.

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