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Proper way to clean deer

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Default Proper way to clean deer

Is the a manual or something showing the proper way or techniqes to clean a deer? I'm just getting into deer hunting and have never cleaned one myself. Thanks.

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I'm sure you could find something online. Best bet is to have someone who's done it before help you.

Bottom line - everything inside needs to come out. From the
a-hole up as far as you can reach up the neck.

Try a Google on gutting deer.
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Ditto the Web search. Just go to Google and type field dressing deer. You should get all sorts of results with graphic pictures to show you. I bought a $4 video from the farm supply store myself which was a good investment since I had to do it myself with no help the first time about 5 years ago. Once you do it a few times its very easy. Like the previsous poster said, you pretty much just cut everything out, cutting around the anus and sex organs (being careful not to spill anything) and then cutting up to the rib cage and cutting everything inside out. Once you get the diaphram or whatever its called out that holds everything in, it all just rolls out and you need to make few final cuts. There's nothing like doing it the first time to get the hang of it, though.
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Default RE: Best way to fieldress

Hey there, I have a video from Kentucky Game and Fish, it is called Deer Processing From the Field to the Freezer. This is hands down the only video you will ever need to fieldress, as well as deboning deer on your own. Hope this helps you, I think the video was about $15.00. Once you learn to do these two things on your own you will enjoy the hunt even more. Good luck to you this season!!
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Once you get the diaphram or whatever its called out
The diaphram is the thin, muscular "curtain" between the guts and the vitals.

You'll know you've cut through the diaphram when all the blood comes pouring into the abdomen.
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If you google "deer field dressing" you can find all sorts of information. There are also several good videos on utube.
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shawnster88 watch this video and it will show you everything you want to know about gutting a deer. it is from Kentucky afield. I have the cd which is very good and on there it will show you how to process the deer further into cuts of meat for the freezer.
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I had a buddy kill his first deer last season. He went and watched a few youtube videos before he went out, and was pretty succesfull at field dressing and later butchering the whole thing by himself.
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You tube has several videos and you can get this using standard internet searches.

A suggestion: the But_t Out tool that you sometimes see advertised was worth the money. That's also on youtube. Just remember to bring something to tie off the deer's plumbing once it's pulled out.
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All of the advice and links (like the Kentucky Afield myself) will really help you. The only other advice I could add is just to slow down and take your time while field dressing the animal. It only takes the stomach to be split open or the bladder to splatter everywhere once to make you dry heave a little and learn a lesson. Personally, I enjoy field dressing the deer - nothing says success like a steaming gut pile on a fall morning!
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