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Whitetail Deer Hunting Gain a better understanding of the World's most popular big game animal and the techniques that will help you become a better deer hunter.

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I got a nice little pocket size field guide from Bass Pro a couple of years ago that helped, as well as reading everything I could on the internet. Check Cabelas, Bass Pro, or your local sporting goods store.

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Excellent video! I'm also hoping to get a chance to clean my first deer this year. I've been a bit nervous about that part of it, but that video was very confidence inspiring. Not to threadjack, but I do have a related question, what do you do with the guts once cleaned in the field?
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We usually just leave the guts behind for the coyotes to clean up.
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Here's a method c/w pictures that I usually post a few times at this time of year. It may be of some use; at least I hope so.

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Deer Tip...

After you have field dressed the deer, CAREFULLY save the bladder (get everything out first and use a different knife) and place in a zip-lok baggie...when home, wearing gloves, drain the bladder into a small glass bottle...

real Deer Urine...freshly bottled...this is especially good stuff in November when the does are in heat and the bucks are chasing...

Also save the tarsal glands...
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Originally Posted by BarnesX.308 View Post
The diaphram is the thin, muscular "curtain" between the guts and the vitals.

You'll know you've cut through the diaphram when all the blood comes pouring into the abdomen.

I'm honestly having a lapse in memory and feeling too lazy to do a search. What's it called? You know the membrane you have to cut around to get most of the organs out. Anyway, you have to cut it out whatever it is.
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