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big bucks and feeders

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Default big bucks and feeders

Will a big buck come in to a hanging feeder. ky bowhunting started the 5th . All Ive seen is spikes. The feeder has been out since june and is 12 foot in a tree. What do yall think.
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maybe at night.
free range big bucks usually dont come to feeders,
On high fences where the population is high, they do. For the reason theyre hungry.
When the rut starts big bucks will never hit a feeder, hell they hardly eat.
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I have a hanging feeder with a trail cam on it. It's been out since father's day and i've seen many bigs bucks that look up but don't get spooke. For example look at the pick below and the feeder is above it. I have a couple of pics of when the feeder went off and the deer trouted out but came back 30 mins later. However they don't get scared much because of heavy quad activity. For example went out spotting last night and seen a few bucks and they were still doing what they were. So maybe it's only in my area. To me they will still come. Hope this helps
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I know why..................because feeders are for farm animals
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If you want to take a big mature buck, you are wasting your time hunting a feeder, unless like earlier said you are hunting in a high fenced area or a Texas ranch. They may come, but I guarantee it will be under the darkness of night. The picture above is at night, and I will be willing to bet all his pictures of big bucks is at night. I don't even waste my time hunting a feeder for a decent buck.
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Originally Posted by stabnslab_WI View Post
I know why..................because feeders are for farm animals
At most of the high dollar ranches, high fenced or not, the deer are pretty much farm animals. Most "real" wild bucks aren't coming to feeders during daylight hours.
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Although most of the guy's say Bucks wont come to feeders,I'll have you know when it comes Rut time where ever those does are the bucks are gonna be REAL close! so yeah don't hunt over a feeder but be sure to be close by, those does aint too shy and if you put out the food THEY will come.Ive shot a few nice bucks no more than 30-40 yards away from a feeder. I even hunted with a guy that had been feeding deer for a couple months before hunting season, we went out to a pop up blind he had set up and he had a recording of the feeder itself with him...long story short he played it and within 20-30 minutes they came in looking for food. Kinda like Pavlov's dog,
it called conditioning.If they're used to the sound = food it don't matter.

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Disagree. We had this buck hitting our feeder all hours of the day just about every day through the entire season. The only time he seemed to not be there was when I was sitting in my stand. We have also had several other very impressive bucks at our feeders over the years.
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