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I need some help please

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I have a lot of neighbors like that.The only thing u can do is try to pattern your deer and get in the best possible spot! It's a shame we can't all be QDM hunters.Sometimes u don't have 100's of acres to hunt only a few do your'e scounting and it will pay off!
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Moth balls.
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It's none of your business how your neighbors hunt, and if you think you're practicing QDM on small acreage you're only kidding yourself. All you're doing is baiting, move your bait away from the property line if your neighbor is too close.
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Originally Posted by antlerking_09
my nabor shoots anything that moves and I do qdma and he is putting his stand not 60 yards from wear I feed my deer and put my trail camera is there any tricks I can do to mess up the deer trail that goes to his stand I really need some help becouse I've got some nice bucks around thanks
First of all, it's not your deer unless you legally shoot and tag it and second, not everyone believes in QDMA. Each hunter is entitled to hunt their property and shoot what's in season as long as they stay within the law. Just make sure you do the same.
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So you feel you have the right to sabotage your neighbor and fellow hunters set up on his own land, cause you think he should be more picky with what he shoots, or the deer somehow belong to you? Its bad enough we have antis out there harassing hunters ,but looks like some hunters like to do their dirty work for them. Like WV said, not all of us buy into the qdm thing. Some of us think a hunter should set their own standards of what we think is a "quality deer", especially on their own land, as long as they keep it legal.
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Originally Posted by kevin1
It's none of your business how your neighbors hunt, and if you think you're practicing QDM on small acreage you're only kidding yourself. All you're doing is baiting, move your bait away from the property line if your neighbor is too close.
Great post.
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i would jus move the site...there is no reason to have a bait site that close to the property line...if you draw the deer to the center of your property then you could potentially make the deer bed on your property which would keep them away from your "nabor"!
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From the looks of it... You probably misspelled the " Keep Out Sign" Maybe you put "Keep Awt Nabor" and he though you were saying keep the spot...

Spell Check first, then learn to get along with each other. Respect the land, the neighbor and especially wildlife....
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Best idea I've heard is to YOUR stuff and let him be. That is what I'd advise if I didn't want to get arrested or worse yet shot. Think about it. Your messing with a guy with a WEAPON. Not real smart to mess with that.
Have you tried to get him into QDMA with you. Several landowners in and around you area getting together on QDMA works a lot better than 1. GOOD LUCK.
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I agree with what a lot of others have said. Try talking to him and seeing if he would think about doing qdm with you. Also definitely move your bait so it is not right near the property line and hopefully some of the deer will stay on your land. Also depends on how much land you own and the hunting pressure in the area to know if practicing qdm is even worth it
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