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A Drury Question

Old 09-07-2009, 02:54 PM
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Hey Kid,I could'nt agree with you more. This chick seems to have way to much time on her hands. EVERYBODY knows that the best Whitetail hunters in the country are the guys who consistently take nice bucks off public land. At the same time,I don't know one of them that would'nt jump at the chance to hunt BIG midwest bucks on private land if they had the chance. She needs to remember that ANTIS check these sights regularly,and they love nothing more than to see this kind of negativity in our ranks.....Don't be a hater girl,get back in the kitchen and get my supper ready!Just kidding.....I like lady hunters. Really I do!
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So those of you that hate a show because of sponsor change's cant tell me that the manufacturer's can't improve someone else's product or improve on their's to make it better than the competition? If this is true, why don't we still drive model A's? You cant pass judgement on a T.V. personality because they switch product's. If they kept the same sponsor's forever you'd get mad because they weren't trying the latest and greatest that you seen or heard about. "Why don't they use what everyone else uses?" So it sounds to me like they are danged if they do or danged if they don't.

As far as the Drury Bros. go, it appears to me that PSE has caught and passed everyone else including Matthew's and Bowtech (which i currently shoot and love!!!). If you don't like the shows don't watch'em, and most of all don't B!+(# about them.

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Right on sister! And the rh160hid moron is a moron.
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If I'm going to set in front of the T.V. and watch someone else kill a deer it better be a big-un, I dont really care what name brand they indorse as long as its a fair chase hunt and the hunters carry their self in a professional manner to promote hunting!

TV is and always will be about the fastest athelete, the biggest prize show, the prettiest actress, the funnest comedian, You think hunting shows should be any diffirent....not hardley!

Try and make your own hunting show, I can assure you, you will jump on the first sponsor that comes along. Anything to help out financialy and help get your name out there you'll jump on. And if you do hit the high life they'll always be those jealous critics saying he turned his back on what got him where hes at, when in reality its not about staying where you were at but being the best you can be.

The trophys I takel may not be TV statis trophys but they are my trophys and after all.....WHO REALLY CARES ITS JUST TV!!!!!!!
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I like it when Mike Wadell gets his freak on and goes crazy shooting does !Thats fun to watch I don't care if theres antlers or not . I just wish I could watch Lee from the CRUSH harvest some does .Insted of all his big bucks he harvests . Or Tiffny That would be cool to see to .
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Many of you sound like a bunch of jealous HACKS! Fact is Greg Miller could probably hunt circles around 95% of the folks on here and TV to boot. He is the only one I see regulary use topo maps to try and TEACH what the heck is going on regarding deer movement. Go back and read some of his books written years ago on tactics that most people hadn't ever heard of at the time, this guy, more than most knows what the heck is going on. Problem is now we have a bunch of armchair/internet experts, that think because they know where the scapes appear in the back forty every year they know what the heck is going on!

These people are always on the go Ohio, Iowa, Illnois, Missouri. If most of you had 4-5 days to arrow a 140+ buck in a place you'd never seen you'd have better luck if you listened to a guy who lived there RIGHT. They are no different except they are under extreme time pressures i.e. need to get good footage quickly and get over to Kansas to get more footage then need to get to Illnois, then Ohio. They need to hit the ground running period.

They don't go to place like NY or NJ because the hunting in those states stinks, I don't want to see a video with 120 bucks, I want to see 140+ because thats what I like to shoot. If you happen to live in a state like NY, NJ, Penna etc with a bunch of dinks if your hunting means that much to you grow a pair and move someplace with good hunting, but in the meantime QUIT CRYING!

I thought making $ was the American way? How much they get paid, what they shoot, what they endorse is their business and I doubt they would still be making videos/TV shows if they were loosing $10M per episode.

And no we can't all kill big deer CONSISTENTLY, because some of us can't hold still, some can't keep quiet, some can't shoot period, some can't shoot under pressure and the list goes on and on.

Don't hate because these people live your dream, either make it happen or quit crying!
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Yes Greg Miller is awesome to . I beleave he lives in Buffalo county , A freind of mine bought some land in Buffalo county there is just unbeleaveable big bucks up there . I love to hunt up there when I get a chance . I been wondering what Pat Reeve has been doing any body see any thing from him lately ?
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[QUOTE=Bone_Collector;3430707] As for Lee and Tiffany, I think one of their families had farm land in Iowa and Lee was an engineer (real job) he took a risk and quit to do the TV deer hunting show. He worked his butt off to do the food plots and let the deer get big so that they could film them hunting big bucks.
Don and Candy Kiskey were farmers in Iowa and liked to hunt and got into the whole food plot/letting the little guys walk phenomenon and started doing a TV show, then they got together with Lee and Tiffany and the rest is history.

That's supposed to show up as a quote, but my brain is still in bed and I cannot get it to work

I agree with your post, and i also promised myself i would not write on this one again, but I cannot help it. The Drury's are the pioneers of the DVD world, I will give them that, kudos!
As far as the fact that Lee and Tiffany and the Kisky's all HAD land to begin with - and in Iowa no less - is a huge step up in the hunting world. If I wanted, really wanted a tv show, I would most likely have quit my job too and given the land and food plots and management, etc. a go. However, I don't even own my house or truck yet, lol, so i guess that's out of my realm.
I also know certain people on here think I am jealous. The fact is, I do not want and have never wanted a tv show. My husband used to talk about having one all the time and I always said no thank you. I like my life the way it is - well okay, I would rather own my house and truck and not have monthly payments to worrry about - but for the most part, I am happy. I cannot wait to get in a tree stand and hunt - we have WAY too many does around here and I haven't had venison in a while I sit and watch the does out in the field from my dining room window and thoroughly enjoy it. I think whitetail deer are beautiful animals, and I thank God for creating them. I will watch "my" deer and sell off all my Drury DVD's. I used to live in the Bronx and had to wait to get in a stand to maybe see some deer, but now, I look out my window and there they are. What a sight?
You can have your bows and stands and calls and anything else that pays you money to use, but i will go and try all the bows and pick the one that I like, same goes for everything else, stands, etc. I wouldn't want to be told what to shoot. But again, I do not have nor want a show. I do not believe one word that comes out of any of their mouths as far as hunting products, how could any intelligent person believe them when they change so often? God gave me a brain and I will use it to pick my own. They go where the $ is and that's all there is to it. Someone else on here mentioned Ted Nugent and his silly hawking of products, but he has always hawked the SAME products - there's a slight difference. I also agree with the post on Greg Miller, he does teach a lot of hunting tactics, so i agree with that poster.
As far as jealousy, think what you want. When I shoot my first doe of the season, I am posting her on here for all those regular hunters out there who hunt for the sheer enjoyment of it and nothing else.

Can anybody tell me what happened to that invention of the Drury's called the Wildlife Eye? I think that's it anyway

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If you dont like it, change the channel. End of story.
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I could care less if they do their hunting homework or not or if they are really good hunters or not. They have the right to put these shows on TV if people want to watch them, but to me these shows are pretty much worthless. My biggest fault with them is that they have created a deer hunting world where antler size is given way too much importance. Deer hunting is supposed to be a relaxing enjoyable past time and if acquiring the biggest antlers possible is the only motive behind it than I surely can't see how it can be very relaxing OR enjoyable.
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