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What gun do u recommend

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Default What gun do u recommend

What gun do u recommend a 30-30 lever a 30-6 or 12ga for deer.
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the 30-30 is a good brush gun..I like the 30-06 better, has more knock down power and reaches out further
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...of the three you listed, the 30-06 would be my choice. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with any of those three.
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12 ga because you cant use rifles in Illinois
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12 ga because you cant use rifles in Illinois
Are you serious??
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I would think it would depend on where and how you hunt. If most of your shots are 100 yards or less, the 12 gauge or 30-30 would be the ticket. If you need to reach out and touch something at 200+ yards, then the .270, 30-06 and above is what I would use. I would also take into consideration how far away any adjoining houses were to your property that you hunt. Those higher caliber rounds travel a long ways if you don't hit your mark. Also, how many other hunters are in the woods with you. Safety first, bone collecting second......
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I agree with Dirt. It depends on where and how you hunt.

For example. Here in Florida I sometimes hunt the swamp land along the river and take my iron sighted lever action 444 Marlin because a 100 yard shot is about as common as 150" typical deer here in Florida. I am likely to be very close when I need to pull the trigger and there is an abundance of big arsed hogs along the river.

I also hunt a different management area where they do controlled burns to keep the under brush in check and there are numerous gas and power lines and old logging roads to hunt and I take my .270 bolt gun because shots that can be a few hundred yards long are relatively common.
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Of the three I would opt for the 30-06 just because I don't know where you hunt, but the 30-06 is good from 10 yards to 400 yards plus, while the 30-30 and 12 ga are limited on range. With that said, I will probably alternate between a 30-30 and 30-06 this year where I hunt.
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Well I'll just say my 20 ga. does a fine job on deer!
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