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Down&OutHunting 08-25-2009 02:47 PM

Need some advice
I had this on the bowhunting thread, and dint get any replies. Just wondering what some of you think.

So guys im from So. Il and i got an idea on having a bow contest this year. It would just be a one weekend contest. Heres what i have come up with so far. I would have a designated place where i will be until a certain time and thats when sign up and entry fee will be paid. Here are some of the rules i have come up with so far.

1. 2 man team and $20 a team/ If enough people can't get partners i will make it every man for himself.

2. It will go off of weight. Unless some want to go off of biggest buck. Or we can have a seperate big buck pot.

3.I will have a designated place where we will weigh in the deer.

4. I will have all the teams call in 30 min. after each evening hunt to let me know if they have a deer they want to weigh in.

5. If only one team or individual puts up weight we will have a vote to wether they are the winners or we will extend the contest to another weekend and the teams who have already entered wont have to pay a second entry fee.

This is everything i have come up with so far and im more than welcome to any suggestions...One thing im trying to decide is should i limit the number of deer that can be turned in by an individual or a team.
Please help me out guys and let me know if some of you guys from in or around so. il would like to give this a shot. We can all work together and hopefully make it work.

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