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New here, thought I'd say hi, also try to learn more about gutting and field dressing

Old 08-17-2009, 09:15 PM
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Default New here, thought I'd say hi, also try to learn more about gutting and field dressing

Hey guys, I thought I'd introduce myself, my name is Nate, I'm a new hunter, I live in Georgia, and I have 180 acres of land in my family, in which I was given permission to hunt on the land, and I want to step up from small game, to deer this year. I've been before with my grandfather, 3 times, 1 of the 3 times I shot one small buck. So I really know nothing of field dressing, gutting, calling.

If anyone has instructions field dressing, gutting, attracting deer.

Maybe some visual diagrams, instructions? Anything?

I really appreciate everything, and I hope to have a long stay at this forum!

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Welcome to the forum. You're going to learn alot.
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welcome man any questions u have feel free to post them an we will all help you the best we can
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Hi SunriseArmory, I'm new to hunting and this great forum too.

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You can probably do some searches on th ewww & find diagrams on "how to". Some hints:
Bleed & gut it right away
Be careful not to puncture the innerds, especially bladder, etc
Don't hang your deer head up (all those nasty fluids will drain down into the tasty meat)
Get it cooled down ASAP
I carry a jug of water in the back of my truck. It helps you clean-up after field dressing
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Welcome. Good to see you asking questions to get prepared in advance.

There are many good ways to field dress deer and the following is pretty much the way I've done it for years. I usually post this in many sites about this time of the year and I hope you find it useful.

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I honestly believe you learn best while having someone with you to help. That way you can see first hand the proper way to field dress any deer. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions. When first time hunters tag their deer, we are awlays there to help. We explain what we're doing and why. We then make sure that hunter does some of that work. We always try to make it a learning experience because there will come a time when no one may be there to help.

I also suggest making a copy of a page that explaind this process and keep it with you while in the woods. It can always be used as a reference when the time comes.
Good Luck!
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i too, have some questions about the field dressing of (hopefully) my first whitetail deer this fall. i have read a couple of the walkthroughs for field dressing, and i want to know a couple of things:

First, is it neccessary to saw through the sternum to remove the organs? And how difficult is it to saw through the sternum? and what end should i start sawing from...close the head or the rear?

Second, how long do i have before i should have my deer processed for its meat?
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I find the toughest part about field dressing deer is getting them to lie still. Once you cross that bridge and practice a bit it becomes pretty easy.

PS... I don't know how many of you guys do it but ALWAYS hang his personal gear in a tree. It's just not right to let the yotes have them..
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i don't know where you can find the video but you don't have to gut a deer if your close to home or camp. i haven't gutted 1 in years unless it was a long way from home. out of 12 of mine, 1 each for my daughter,nephew, and brother in law last year. none were gutted. and yes, i take the everything except the rib cage.tender loins, backstraps,hams,shoulders and neck meat. good luck..........tony

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