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New here, thought I'd say hi, also try to learn more about gutting and field dressing

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welcome here is a video that shows all the steps

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I'm sure you could youtube a video of it or something, when i was young, vhs days...we picked up a video on field dressing, caping, etc..., I'm sure hunting stores probably have a dvd of it, would be worth it to add to your collection, every now and again I break it out, I'm pretty sure I have field dressing down, but not caping, it's one of those things you buy it once and can always return to it, certainly nicer to watch it really being done vs. reading a book about it....or pictures...
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wow, guys, thanks for all of the advice!
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Hey Nate,
Check out the orange directory bar across the top of this page. Click on "Features", then "Deer Hunting" and then "Field Dressing". There is basic tutorial about it with some diagrams. Like I said, its basic but will get you started on the right path.

Good luck this season!!
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Well guys, I thought i'd throw in that I run a very new weapons forum, that could use the help of huntingnet.com forums! There's no hunting without weapons!
Check it out, and help a baby sister forum grow, and create huntingnet and sunrisearmory.com become a super empire

I look forward to guys joining, keep in mind, its super new, and needs work around the edges.. I'm just worried about members signing up right now and getting the activity going
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Originally Posted by urbancoffee
i too, have some questions about the field dressing of (hopefully) my first whitetail deer this fall. i have read a couple of the walkthroughs for field dressing, and i want to know a couple of things:

First, is it neccessary to saw through the sternum to remove the organs? And how difficult is it to saw through the sternum? and what end should i start sawing from...close the head or the rear?

Second, how long do i have before i should have my deer processed for its meat?
No, it is not necessary. BUT.. It makes it easier. You wont have to reach up into the deer as far. Sometimes you may be near shoulder deep without cutting the sternum if it's a big deer. Also, if you are going to do a shoulder mount you dont want to cut into the sternum. You will ruin the cape.

If you are going to saw the sternum, you start from the bottom of the rib cage, right where it ends and cut towards the head.
Make sure you have all of the items that you dont want to puncture out of the way (stomach, bladder, intestines) You do not want to punctrure any of those.
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A video is available that takes you from the harvest to field dressing the deer to butchering the deer (and very good quality) from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife (Google it)...there is a nominal fee of $13


Good luck...it gets easier with time...
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welcome nate your going to love deer hunting .
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