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At what age does your child tag along??

Old 08-17-2009, 05:03 PM
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I have alw and says included my daughters in the recovery process if they wanted to go. Never pushed them to do it, but they always wanted to go. They go help hang stands and set up trail cams. Little outtings, but they were just 4 and 7 when we started this out. The oldest went out with me once last year. She should be more patient this year.

2 person ladder stand at a medium height about 10 12 feet.

Hunt evenings only. The setting sun gives the kids a time frame as to when things will be over.

Just my 2 cents
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Old 08-17-2009, 11:30 PM
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Actual hunting my daughter started coming @ 8, though she wasn't prevy to any harvesting of big game animals until she was 10. She handled it well, which was a concern of mine even though we talked about the killing portion and she'd been around many a dead creature in the shop, etc. She's been scouting, shed hunting, etc since before she can remember. So far she has minor interests in hunting herself but will be taking the hunter/firearm safety course this winter (a rule in my house being I have guns - my wife has taken it as well.)

In terms of when if he's passinoate about hunting and wants to come, go for it. However i suggest planning shorter jaunts vs an all day affair, also pack him a book or something to do if the action/attention span wonders. My daughter was outfitted with bino's, etc which really helps her feel part of the hunt and also keeps her busy. Extra clothes & snacks are a must - just refrain from the chips and pop...noisy and pee pee time. I love the time we spend in the outdoors it's a great time for bonding and education. Good Luck
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I first took my daughter out on a short hunt when she was five, of course I missed the deer. I had her in a ground blind the following yr. and I hit a doe, but the bear ate the hind quarters of it over nite and we found the deer the next morning. Two years ago she went with me on a drive and I missed. Finally last yr. we took a stand on an evening hunt and she was the first to see the deer and I finally harvested two while she was with me. She was pretty excited, as she watched me gut them out she was asking me what every part was.
She went with me turkey hunting this spring, but the tom just wouldn't come close enough. She did find her very first shed antler that day though.
Last winter she decided to get involved with 4-H shooting sports, she did 6wks. of archery and then 6wks. of air rifle. She's a pretty darn good shot for 9yrs. old. I am very proud of her.
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Once they have a strong interest and they understand that hunter safety comes first.
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Default My oldest son killed 1st buck @ 6yrs old

I took my oldest son (Hunter) with me @ age 5 and I killed a 120 class 9pt with him in the stand, he was hooked from then on. He is now 11 and killed his 1st spike @ 6yrs old he also killed a doe that year. He killed a 6pt and doe the next year and 170lb 8pt when he was 8yrs old. My middle son was with Hunter and I in a ground blind @ age 3 and I killed a nice 8pt (Hunter couldnt shoot it cuz he was tagged out). Dawson also was hooked and he is 6 now so hopefully this is his year to tag a buck. Also have 4 yr old that will be taggin along. Take them early and let them learn.
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We start them young while doghunting- my daughter was there (with my wife) last year when I filled a doe tag. She was close to three years old.
They were in the truck and I was standing on top of the dogbox. Shot the deer and she fell down in my daughter's sight. my daughter and wife got out and helped me catch dogs-she didn't seem to grasp the deer had expired until i loaded up the deer. I tried to explain to her that God put certain animals on this Earth for humans to eat-I will probably have to explain it again to her this year.

I will start carrying her in the treestand at around 8-10, around the time my dad started carrying me.

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My grandson and granddaughter have sat in the blind with me at ages five and six respectively. We didn't see any deer, but they were pumped to see one go down. There really is no minimum age, which is probably why my state hasn't set one.
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I was probably 6 or 8, had a blast, staying in motels, having breakfast, thermos of hot chocolate in the field (not coffee), living it up I tell ya!

Didn't hunt a ton, but remember going ona goose hunt, being in the blind/underground kinda.

I think take them when they want to go if you can...also if they can handle the day of hunting etc...if they're gonna be crying its too cold....or youre gonna have to change your day, be prepared to do so...but ya if they're interested I'd say do what you can to bring them with. Sure it's easier said than done, but hey, whaddya gonna do?
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