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Reality Hunting Show

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Money talks if you could afford it you would be the same as them.If you get an all expense paid dream hunt to any location you turning it down?
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Default I don't know what you're talking about

We stopped cable television about 25 years ago, so I have no idea who the "television outdoor stars" are.

I refused for years to have the latest, the fastest, the bestest, the most expensive. Don't forget expensive.

Hunting is a "country club" . Just look at the prices. But, if you're young, you have no idea how it use to be.

The "pink" camo really broke me up. Is that big on cable television advertising?

And to think a modern hunter has to sit in a tree stand, for two whole hours, waiting for a deer to appear. Imagine that revolting development.
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Originally Posted by timbercruiser
If you want to see the hunts as you described then you are probably going to have to continue to hunt the way you do and watch your buddy. Sponsors are not going to pay money for your type of hunts. Without sponsors/advertising there will be no hunting shows on teleision.
Don't get me wrong, I agree with you 100%. No one wants to watch a show where I pretty much sit in the stand for 28 minutes waiting on something to come by. That 28 minutes would be edited from the three or four days there was nothing and the 10-12 that I saw deer waaaaaaaaaaaaay off in the distance.

But I would be interested is seeing the hunts of those like me, who don't see a big deer every other hunt. Of course, Youtube has brought us to that point and we don't even have to watch commercials during the videos.
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Originally Posted by SWThomas
It's always the people who hunt public land that take shots at hunting shows. Jealousy maybe? As long as I have access to private land, I'm going to hunt it exclusively. Why would I want to compete with other hunters and worry about all the hunt ruining variables?

You miss my point. I also have access to two piece of private property, so jealousy is not a factor. I sit here and read thousands of posts about stands stolen and hunters trespassing on PRIVATE land, so I'm sure more than one hunt has been ruined by either road hunters, trespassers, or neighbors. Again, my point is how much skill does it take to hunt a deer farm that fenced in, regulated, without a hint of pressure? This whole post started by watch a program where Bill Jordans son went hunting on his property (2 deer state) and killed a 150 class opening morning and a 170 class the next morning. Nice job, don't get me wrong those are great deer. However, don't preach to me about how much hard work and time you put in to do it.....unless your refering to filling the feeders in the pasture your planning on hunting the night before.
Can you list all the shows you know for a fact hunt high-fenced ranches?
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I pretty much only watch The Best of the West and Jim Shockey...the rest are pretty lame imo...
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Originally Posted by SWThomas

Can you list all the shows you know for a fact hunt high-fenced ranches?
I could easily turn it around and ask, "Can you list all the shows you know for a fact that don't hunt high-fenced ranches?"

But that would be too easy.

I will say that unless a show clearly says they are hunting free ranging animals it is pretty much a given it is a high-fence operation.

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