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Who cant handle gutting a deer?

Old 08-11-2009, 01:59 PM
Fork Horn
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Default Who cant handle gutting a deer?

I can skin one all day long, but when it comes to gutting, I cant stomach it. I can watch it, but I just cant get in there and do it.
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Do it my way. Just hang em skin em, get the loins and quarters, throw the rest back away.
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Originally Posted by hossdaniels
Do it my way. Just hang em skin em, get the loins and quarters, throw the rest back away.
I can do that without skinning

You think deer are bad wait til you do a hog and it poops as your doing it. Hog poop can smell human, talk about the dry heaves. smells get me bad.
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I don't have much of a problem with it but, I have known of quite a few guys who have taken lots of deer and have never gutted one.
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its just part of hunting ,little boys.
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As long as its not gut shot I'm O.K., but if it is !
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medical gloves might not help you...but they keep probably 90% of the junk off your hands/arms etc...

its part of hunting....if you can't handle it not sure what to tell ya?

I watched a video on an elk hunt, showed how to skin it and get all the meat without gutting it, perhaps you can try that method on a deer...
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If you can't field dress a deer, what do you do with it after you shoot it?

How can you quarter a deer without gutting it first, or as a result of cutting the hind quarters off?

Just be glad you aren't hunting with me, 'cause I sure as heck ain't dressing your deer for you, and I'm also not helping you drag an undressed deer out of the woods. You shoot it, you gut it. Deer aren't that bad, either. Ever dressed a rabbit? Now there's some serious stink.

Seriously, if the smell bothers you that bad, try carrying some Mentholatum Ointment with you and smear a good amount under each nostril before you start cutting. The strong menthol smell masks the odor and numbs your scent receptors, so you non-hacker sissy-boys can hang with the men (just kidding, BTW! ).

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Gutted my first at 12 years old. It didn't bother me then and it doesn't bother me now. A gut shot can be a bit smelly but that doesn't bother me either. To tell you the truth, gutting a deer is just a sign of a successful hunt. I do find it funny though that you have issues gutting deer but your screen name is "buck slayer" LOL. Nothing wrong with it but there is a little irony there.
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Dad told me if I kill it, I gut it and then drag it! I'm looking forward to the warmness of a fresh kill. I'll let you know my experience once I get it.
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