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stagger 07-06-2009 03:54 AM

New Zealand hunter
Hey everyone,

I am a keen New Zealand hunter who is moving to the states. I am keen to get into hunting in your beautiful country. I have heard it's quite different to what I am used to though. So... what are the seasons, how many deer are you allowed to shoot, how hard is it to get a liscence etc etc.
Over here you just hunt when ever you want all year round and shoot whatever you want. Take a look at a few of my hunting stories on my site if your interested.

anyway, would much appreciate any info you have.

timbercruiser 07-06-2009 04:23 AM

RE: New Zealand hunter
Accross the United States the deer seasons run from about mid September thru February, and it depends on which state and often what part of the state you claim as residence. Different states have different requirements on the length of time you have to claim residency before you can buy a residence license, otherwise a higher cost non-residence license is needed. You will have to have a license, hunters education course and in many areas tags for individual animals to hunt are needed. You will need to say exactly where you are going to be hunting to get specific information. Welcome to the board.

kevin1 07-06-2009 05:57 AM

RE: New Zealand hunter
Being able to hunt year round and shoot what you want is the major reason why we have game management, market hunting killed off several species here before game laws and regulated sport hunting came about. If you could name the state where you intend to settle, and those you would like to hunt, we could provide you with the info you request. This link to Cabela's State by State should help you for now, click the individual state for it's info:

State by state game laws

About the only critters most states allow to be hunted throughout the year are varmints such as feral pigs and other nuisance species.

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