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lightfoot52 06-27-2009 04:39 AM

rifled slugs?
just bought a 12 gage Mossburg turkey gun last spring (love it).the book says you can shoot slugs through it.but they have to be rifled ? what would be the best kind to use? and what choke would you use? been using .50 cal encore muzzleloader in gun season but new to slug gun hunting.what yardage can they shoot?might try it this deer season.thanks lightfoot in indiana :)

Centaur 1 06-27-2009 09:35 AM

RE: rifled slugs?
I would get a cylinder choke that has no constriction. With rifled slugs most people will tell you that 2 3/4" slugs will be more accurate than 3" slugs, trying to push that huge chunk of lead another 100 fps can destroy accuracy. Slugs are cheap and they come in 5 packs, try a bunch of different brands. My gun shoots Winchester 1 ounce rifled slugs the best, my gun will keep a 4 inch group at 100 yards. Once you get past 125 yards the slugs really start to drop so that's about the maximum distance unless you buy a rifled barrel and shoot sabots. As far as killing power I have found nothing that kills quicker or better than a 12 guage rifled slug. Think about it, it's a one ounce chunk of lead that's almost 3/4" in diameter when it hits the deer and they expand(flatten) to about one inch. The only slug that I ever recovered hit the buck on his left shoulder when he was quartering towards me at 75 yards. The slug broke the shoulder, then travelled the length of the deers body and smashed the right femur and stopped under the skin of the right leg. It still retained over 90% of it original weight and was an inch around.

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