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What if??

Old 09-02-2009, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Siman08/OH
Hard to say,

I would always be thinking its a guy in a suit even though i am a believer
I would certainly hope no one would be randomly walking through the woods around hunting season. I have seen those shows too. If you smell a pungent odor, thats what your looking for. They're out there, man. If I could just prove it. . .
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Originally Posted by FlDeerman
OK my grand-daughter and I where watching "Is it real"about bigfoot.One of the reasons that they gave that they were not real was"hunters have never shot one".My grand-daughter (with her BIG blue eyes)ask Pa-pa would you shoot one?
So I'm asking what would you do?Not asking if they are real or not just "WHAT IF".
(A)Take the shoot?
(B)Holy $hit they are real and watch it walk by?
No one said offer it some Jack Links Beef Jerkey.
Then he/she would show you where all the monster bucks are, and help you get one.

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99% of the time when I am out in the woods, I am only carrying a .17hmr or a shotgun with bird shot. So, I really wouldnt be looking for a confrontation with an 8 feet tall, 350 pound creature.
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ok this has got to be the most entertaining thread I've read in a while, there are some of us that seem to have waaaaaay too much time on our hands....on that note i need to get busy putting together a contingency Big Foot plan it seems!!!
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Originally Posted by FlDeerman
I hate to ask but why would you think you would get millions?You might find you're the most hated hunter alive.
and on top of that a fine for not having a big foot tag and hunting an endangered specie
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Originally Posted by 2 Lunger
To answer your question.... if he comes at me he is eating lead. If he happens to walk by he gets a pass because I will always be thinking it is Caleb in a gorrila suit.
That's what I'm thinking, just the filming of a Siman Brothers Outdoors youtube production. If it's bow season I could always shoot him in the ass with rubber blunt tipped arrow that I keep in my quiver for squirrels.

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Chances are with all the hunting and forestry in my area, if they aren't smart they would have been sited before. So no, I would not shoot one. I have seen a few black bears standing up that resemble the 'bigfoot' described though-couple that with a vivid imagination and you have yourself a 'bigfoot' siting.....
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