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Tinks 69

Old 03-08-2009, 08:58 AM
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Default Tinks 69

Does this product work and would it be a good idea to put it in front of a trail camera?
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Default RE: Tinks 69

Never had any luck with it other than in mock scrapes. Their Power Scrape product is just a larger bottle at a lower price, try that.
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Default RE: Tinks 69

Never had any luck with this product.
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Default RE: Tinks 69

I have actually had good luck with it. It is great when you see a buck come in on your trail with his nose to the ground. I use it every year and it doesn't scare them away either.
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Default RE: Tinks 69

I have had bucks come in to tinks 69. As with all sex scents you have to be in the right place at the right time. I guess you could say that with hunting in general. Anyway, I have had the most success with tinks 69, and James Valley. I always have my bleat can with while I am using the estrus scents. When the bucks first start scraping I like to put buck scent in an existing scrape and then when the seeking phase kicks in I switch to estrus. I wish I had two cameras because if I did I would experiment a little by trying the tinks vs. other brands and see which scent the buck likes better.
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Default RE: Tinks 69

One of the best bucks I ever killed came in just before dark anddownwind of a rag soaked with Tinks 69. His nose was up and his lip was curled. I have had other deer come in when I did not know if it was the scent or not, but Idon't leave home without it in November.
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Default RE: Tinks 69

Never used it, but I've heard good things about it. I've had good luck with Wildlife ResearchCenter's "Active Scrape" at cameras, and at bringing in bucks.
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Default RE: Tinks 69

The heck with the trail cam...Go into the area you want to hunt and hang 2-3 containers in the area 3 days before you plan to hunt...I like to do this near an active scrape and also pour a half a bottle in the scrape...Do this during the pre-rut, works for me...
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Default RE: Tinks 69

I have had success with Tink's 69 and Buck Bomb doe in estrus. That's it. I firmly believe that WRC's stuff is just not as potent and potentially stale. Maybe it's just whereI'm buying it.
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Default RE: Tinks 69

ORIGINAL: penninside08

Does this product work and would it be a good idea to put it in front of a trail camera?
it works vary well ..... me and my dad went hunting 3 years ago and a dumped some on the ground and we went back to that spot only thing is we hunted on the other side so it was to far to shoot and well the big boy came to it but we were in the wrong spot

so yep it works i shot my first bow kill buck sitting over tinks
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