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How many acres do you hunt?

Old 02-27-2009, 08:45 PM
Fork Horn
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Default How many acres do you hunt?

I have about right at 10,000 acres that I have permission to hunt and then some public land that I don't really count since I may have to contend with out of staters and every guy that buys a rifle the day before the season starts and tries to hunt without ever sighting it in. I only really actually hunt 2,000 acres of it but I do hunt both Whitetail and Mule deer so the geography of the land is considerably different for each species. I am lucky, most all of the land I have permission on is within 20 miles of my home.
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Default RE: How many acres do you hunt?

Our cabin is in an association that owns 3500 acres. Only about 20 people hunt it. We border state game lands that is 54,000 acres. On the other side of us is a state park that has about 20,000 acres open to hunting. Up the road a few miles is another state forest that is about 26,000 acres. So I guess I hunt on about 100,000 acres. All Pennsylvania big woods.
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Default RE: How many acres do you hunt?

24,000+ acres. Primitive wilderness. No motor vehicles, electric engines,bait, etc,.
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Default RE: How many acres do you hunt?

Wherever I can I guess, I try to keep it on private ground though because too much public kinda of stinks around here. Avereages out maybe a800 acres only[8D]
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Default RE: How many acres do you hunt?

Over 6000 acres, all public access! Very challenging to hunt being public access, but very rewarding when finally knocking down a bruiser. Key is to find the areas most other hunters miss! Usually, get out past 200 yds. of the parking lot and competition gets thin. Use exceptional scent control so they don't know you're there and the hunting gets fun!
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Default RE: How many acres do you hunt?

Probably over 12,000 acres of private land is available to me. I don't hunt public land.
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Default RE: How many acres do you hunt?

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Default RE: How many acres do you hunt?

My own 105 acres with 400 unpopulated acres surrounding it I am the only hunter. Deer POP at last count was 68 doe and 23 bucks seen at feeders .
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Default RE: How many acres do you hunt?

I hunt on about 80 acres. Pretty small compared to most of the hunters on here. I have no idea what the doe population is but I know after last season its about 15 less from me and my brother.And as far as bucks go, the first week of bow season we saw about 20 different bucks that were regulars on the property and during the season we saw another 5 or 6 that appeared for a day or 2 then were gone.
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Default RE: How many acres do you hunt?

I've hunted my own 10 wooded acres for the last 4 years, it's situated in a deer rich area. I'll hunt anywhere I can get access though.
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Quick Reply: How many acres do you hunt?

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