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Baiting with deer corn

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Default RE: Baiting with deer corn

Put the corn 30 yds off their trail and or habitat, 2 to 3 weeks before you plan to hunt their.
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Default RE: Baiting with deer corn

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hunting the biggest bucks on the property i have to hunt is my main goal . if i have to feed him to get him where i want him ,it just takes something away from the hunt. i hunt because i truly enjoy spending days in the stand . to me hunting over a bait pile i could kill everything on the property in a few days,just to easy.do as you like ,but i will never like it. i'd just as soon hit one with a car.
I say thats fine and dandy....hunt them with a bowie knife or a spear if it's what you want. The thing is there's no need to put down other hunters for hunting the way they want either. Your challenge and someones else doesnt have to be the same. The fact is however baiting is not a way to just slaughter deer. They are still as alert and wary as they are while feeding on a white oak. I have also found killing a big buck over bait is not going to happen very often. They still act like big bucks do. They doent just come in and sleep over a pile of corn. Also deer are browsers...they like to feed on the move. They will feed on bait but it will be moving through and feeding on. At least thats what I've seen.
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Default RE: Baiting with deer corn

they also feed AND bed down under my apple trees in my yard,but i've never killed one here. and yes i've seen big bucks do this. in a year with no acorns is very easy to kill them over bait. kinda takes the sport of it.
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Default RE: Baiting with deer corn

it would take the fun out of hunting siting in the woods getting all away fromthings and just rlax andif you hunt over a bait there would be deer all over it and would be to easy and i dont like that
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Default RE: Baiting with deer corn

I use deer corn (with molasses) in the off season near my game cameras. It will get their attention long enough to get a picture. I do this shortly after season ends to see who survived and will be ready for next year, and in the spring and summer to watch the velvet and antler growth.

Baiting is illegal in my county but the off season placement of cameras helps me find trails and areas of travel. I personally cant stand to watch, see, or hear of people (hunters?) who set up on a feeder and hunt. I do have a couple acres of clover/alfalfa/chickory to feed deer, but never hunt within 500 yrds of it.
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Default RE: Baiting with deer corn

I see,I just dump 50lb's ofcorn an cleanout all the deer.Have you ever done that?The big bucks like toeat at night as my trail cam proves,soooo I find there trails and hunt there.Gee just like you!
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Default RE: Baiting with deer corn

I use corn and what i do is take 100lbs and spread it out over a 10-15yd area about 10 days before the season and go back in 5 days and spread 50lbs if it is gone. Then when the season starts if you carry 15-20lbs in with you every time you hunt that stand you will always have corn on the ground.You have to spread it out, if you dont when it is gone they will be gone spreading it out allows them to have to search for it which makes it last longer .and you can have more deer in that area, if it is a single pile they wont come in if1-2 deer arealready on the pile. Good LuckP.S. don't use cracked corn or you will have so many birds on the corn it will keep the deer away.
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Default RE: Baiting with deer corn

If it is legal in your area I would advise to get 3-4 bags of it and put it out 2-3 days before you go hunting, and each day put out a little more then the day you go hunting put some more out.
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Default RE: Baiting with deer corn

Although I wouldn't do it, legal or not, to each his own. IMHO, I don't consider it deer hunting, I consider it deer killing. But, like I said, my opinion, to each his own.

I just get a kick out of those sitting over bait comparing itto sitting in a stand on a trail, or rattling. LMAO
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Default RE: Baiting with deer corn


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IMHO the "deer corn" is no better than regular shelled corn. I have seen it take longer for the deer to start eating the "deer corn" than the regular corn.
Maybe not, but it's cheaper. I think I'll stick to the stuff that's $7 for 50 pounds.
7$ for 50 lbs isn't cheap at all!! that's more 7$ a bushell!! right now corn only goes for a touch over 3$ a bushell!! go to a farmer and buy a few bushel, if you tell him 4$ he'll be happy and you'll be savin money too!!!
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