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Which states require permission?

Old 01-08-2009, 05:18 AM
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Default RE: Which states require permission?

In Va. Non posted land verbal ,posted land must be written.If caught on posted land without written permission it is possible $2500.00 fine and /or up to 1 year in the crossbar hotel.
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Default RE: Which states require permission?

Written permisson in Arkansas, but its really not enforced at least where I live.
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Default RE: Which states require permission?

Indiana requires permission from the landowner, but doesn't specify written. If the landowner calls the cops you'll get a warning the first time, for a second occurence the landowner can have you charged with simple trespass.

My own view is different. If I catch you on my land and don't know you the reason why I should have will be pointed at your midsection and you'll be ******ed off the property with a clear warning to never return. An armed person on my property without my direct invitation will be viewed as a threat to my safety and a test of my state's Castle Doctrine law.
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Default RE: Which states require permission?

ORIGINAL: Phil from Maine

~ Unless it's posted every 50' around perimeter of land, signed and dated every year it is not trespassing.
Maine is pretty much the same as N.H. in this respect, must be posted every 50 feet.. However a few signs and then 2 rings painted on trees serve as is the same as posting. painting the rings on the trees saves the land owner costs of buying signs.
Good idea
One of the reason's NH says signs every 50', signed and dated, is because land is sold so often.
So someone that owned that land last year, may not own it next year...
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Default RE: Which states require permission?

No doubt. I ain't ever heard of such a thing. I think you can legally be shot in TX for hunting on someone elses land.

ORIGINAL: TimberCreek

A person uses their hard earned money to purchase land and then others can freeload and trespass for free or without permission...
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Default RE: Which states require permission?

Just thougth Id give some updates.....Out of 24 states that Ive got answers for, only 5 dont require permission, my state being one of them.

I also thought it might be interesting to know that I contacted the 3 legislators for my district in VT. Only one has corresponded with me but Im sure they are toobusy due to economic and deficit issues to bother with my petty issue!! The one that has been less than supporting of the issue. Said, "I talked with the powers to be, and the permission idea was not well received."

Seems funny, those elected dont like it but thus far out of everyone Ive spoken with that I know in VT, all but 2 have been in favor!!

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Default RE: Which states require permission?

Heres how it is in NY:

Q. Must I post to keep people off my property?
A. No. Trespassing is illegal even on unposted property, unless it is unimproved, apparently unused and unfenced (or not otherwise enclosed to exclude intruders.) Even on vacant land, a written notice delivered in person (or by certified mail with a signed receipt, etc.) to any person, in the name of the landowner or authorized party, containing a description of the premises and a warning of restrictions which apply has the same effect, for that person, as if the land were posted with those restrictions. Likewise, anyone asked to leave the premises, posted or not, by the landowner, occupant or other authorized person, must do so immediately.

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Default RE: Which states require permission?

Well, here are some responses from some VT hunters....Thought Id show you the attitudes we are up against here:

"You know getting permission for you guys that own your little food plots or have good friends that own land is fine but what about the guys who like to roam the mountainous regions of this state ,I hunt many mountainous regions of this state and i am sure that several time a year I have crossed on to someones private land,unposted,I think you guys want to make this state like many of the midwestern states where you even look a cross someone else property they want to have you arrested for tresspassing!!I for 1 dont agree with this proposal hope it never comes to pass,Just for the record I do have permission to hunt several parcels in farm country but unless its a quick hunt,1 hr or so i wood rather be roaming the mountains then sitting over some Food plot waiting for a whitetail to come to this baiting!!Just my thoughts"

"You guys are really opening a can of worms here and I will tell you why. Just in my area there is a large company that owns thousands of acres of land that is open to the public for hunting. There is also hundreds of acres owned by our town library that are also open to hunting. In both cases neither of these organizations will give any written permission to hunt or to put up tree stands. I know this first hand as does my brother and it is all for legal liability reasons. These are just two local places that I know of and I am sure there are plenty of company owned lands throughout the state including logging lands that would require permission. If you guys push this through you will have effectivly and immeadiatly shot yourselves in the foot. "

"Permission to hunt law, If it is not broke don't fix it. Spend a lot of time hunting in Vermont and have very little problem getting permission to hunt, even on posted land. If a land owner does not want hunters or people unknown to him/her on the land they will and do post their property. There are a lot of land owners that don't mind folks hunting, hiking or just plain enjoying the property. Why go looking for a problem"
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Default RE: Which states require permission?

At the risk of getting piled on, I will say that I can understand some of the original logic behind this. I think that in the old days folks did tend to wander around when hunting and it could be mutually beneficial. While your neighborCarl is on your back 40 trying to shoot a deer, you might be over on his pond shooting ducks, etc., etc.Also, when I was growing up in southern Illinois, lots of the olderfarmers did not hunt at all and it was almost a bother to them to have people always asking them to hunt since they did not care. Those that did care would post their ground.

I'm NOT saying that i agree with the situation in VT, just that I can see why it would have originally made sense to some folks.
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Default RE: Which states require permission?

I tried changing up the wording, getting away from "hunting" to see what their explanation would be, so far no responses....I said:

You buy a house/land and put a huge, fancy in ground swimming pool, nice outdoor hot tub and dig a huge pond and stock it with trophy trout. Under these other guys' thinking, I should just be able to go over to their house, swim in their pool with 5 of my buddies, hop in the hot tub for a bit then sit by their pond and fish out their trout.....After all, its not posted and whats theirs is for me to use right??

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Quick Reply: Which states require permission?

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