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wats you view on running deer with dogs

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Default RE: wats you view on running deer with dogs

ORIGINAL: doe slyr

i agree with bryant1. its alot harder shooting a deer with a shotgun running than it is still hunting.
Thus leading to more wounded and wasted deer.
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Default RE: wats you view on running deer with dogs

I'm glad It Isn't legal here In Minnesota!!
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Default RE: wats you view on running deer with dogs

not legal here in Pa. dog would probably end up being shot for chasing a deer though not allowed either.
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Default RE: wats you view on running deer with dogs

Alot of people on here need educating on dog running.1.a dog will not catch a deer.2.adeer can lose a pack of dogs by standing in any water dogs do not know what deer look like dogs run by smell.
Dogs certainly can catch a deer in deep snow,the same way that wolves or coyotes often catch them in deep snow.There is no open water in some locations during the open deer season.
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Default RE: wats you view on running deer with dogs

There is no deep snow in the South. There is always standing water in the South.But Iam sure your right about deep snow.
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Default RE: wats you view on running deer with dogs

Hunting deer or any critter with dogs is the same. A few guys have it right, hunters (outdoorsmen) need to band together. If you don't like it, don't do it. But bashing the ones that do, that will get us nothing.And allowing current legal means to become banned is just a step in the overall banning of hunting. If you don't agree with that, then the problem is bigger than the industry thinks.
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Default RE: wats you view on running deer with dogs

I agree with Southern Man, its a Southern thing. Unless you have tried it, don't knock it. I grew up in the midwest and see both sides. Ain't no different then using a dog on birds.
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Default RE: wats you view on running deer with dogs

The dogs may be ethical, but most of the people that run them aren't. Just try owning land and wanting to hunt your own way on your own property without interference from them. They have no control over their dogs but turn them loose anywhere they want. They don't even need a place to park to hunt your land.
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Default RE: wats you view on running deer with dogs

i have hunted dog as long as i have hunted and alot of ppl have the wrong opion bout dog hunters not all dog hunters are like that and so dont make a generalization bout all of us
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Default RE: wats you view on running deer with dogs

I've hunted with dogs in 3 different leases here in central/south Louisiana. Of the 3, only one was even halfway organized about how they did things. We had cut sugar cane fields between patches of woods so standers would line the edges of the fields and wait for the deer to come out of the woods to try to make a break for the next patch of woods.I had no problem with running dogs this way. The problem I have is that it was done entirely too much. Every Sat and Sun for I think 6 weeks or however long the season is. It seemed that they ran every deer completely off the property. I do enjoy deer hunting with dogs, just wish more of the guys would be more organized with how they do it. Some of the guys also hunted in north Louisiana and said they only shoot big bucks up there. I'm not sure how they can do that, but have seen several nice racks that came from in front of a pack of dogs.

One thing I will agree with is that I have never heard of a dog catching a healthy deer. The earlier reference to hyenas, wolves, and coyotes doing it is absurd. These are all quiet stealthy hunters who ambush their prey. Deer dogs are some of the noisiest bunch I've ever heard when on track. There's no way a deer would let them get close enough to even think about catching it.

Anyway, enough ranting. I voted ethical and believe if it's legal, then don't knock it till you've tried it.
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Quick Reply: wats you view on running deer with dogs

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