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Whats the best way to cook the tenderloins?

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Default RE: Whats the best way to cook the tenderloins?

ORIGINAL: zrexpilot

why anyone would marinate a good piece of meat is beyond me. Add some salt and pepper and some garlic powder and fry in a pan with olive oil or grill on the pit. medium rare of course.
i was sorta wondering that too, I do marinate the tougher cuts. But the true tenderloin (2pcs / deer) and backstraps I do about like you... except I put and salt on after it's cooked as salt tends to dry out meat.
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Default RE: Whats the best way to cook the tenderloins?

marinade & grill
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Default RE: Whats the best way to cook the tenderloins?

ketchup on my loins ,NEVER!! A1 WOULD BE ALMOST AS BAD . this stuff was invented for people that don't like the taste of meat.

its like ruining shrimp with cocktail sauce ,just how can you taste the shrimp
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Default RE: Whats the best way to cook the tenderloins?

We do it a couple of the same ways that othershave mentioned. But another way that we cook the loins are....slice them into about 1/2 inch slices. Take some saltine crackers and crunch them up real good. Use the crackers as breading on the slices of loin then throw them in a pan and fry them in some oil. Great with some A-1 or any other type of steak sauce.
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Default RE: Whats the best way to cook the tenderloins?

ORIGINAL: UncleNorby

Around my house the tenderloins get cooked whole in a cast iron pan with butter, then sliced and eaten with fried eggs and home fries. I cook all my venison to rare/medium rare.


You sir are a true traditionalist.... and in my opinion there is no better way to enjoy the delicate flavor of the one of the most prized wild game treats.

While I love to cook, andam no stranger to spices and flavors, when it comes to venison I prefer to cook it to medium to medium rare with little to no seasonings except salt and pepper ... sometimes some garlic and onion in the oil, or a bit of garlic salt ... but not too much of anything, cuz venison tastes different than beef, pork lamb, etc, and I want to experience that.

I'll admit I've had some great dishes with ample flavors, teriaki, creamed soups, heavy spices... but when alls said and done with all the flavor I could have been eating almost any meat and it might have tasted similar. It's one of the reasons I never have any venison made into jerky or sausage ... by the time all the great flavors go in to the product it could be any meat in there... tastes great, but the thing that's encountered and favored is the spice and the salt.

So for me, especially on the backstraps and tenderloins (and no arguments here over which you all call which, I mean the 2 long muscle groups on top or bottom of the spine, you decide which is which) I tend to be a minimalist on the spices.

Screeching hot pan, oil and butter, salt and pepper, cooked till red in the middle, usually just a couple minutes per side, if that, depending on thickness(looks like very rare beef, but it is medium to mdium rare venison) .... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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