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Anyone take big deer every year?

Old 12-15-2008, 08:37 PM
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Default Anyone take big deer every year?

Do any of you guys take big deer consistantly every year?...When I say big deer I mean deer over 130/140 inches. What do you do that makes you successful?...Obviously scouting plays one of the biggest roles in taking big deer, but whats the most important things to look for...I have been hunting for about 8 years and the biggest deer I have taken is a 10 that scored 144. I have almost 600 acres to hunt here in KY and I know there are some quality deer, I just haven't found them...I have been running a couple trailcams to help with scouting since october and have found lots of bucks but nothing worth putting on the ground...I found some really big rubs and have been hunting that area for the last week....I have heard when finding sheds... "the apple doesn't fall from the tree." Is that a big factor as well? Im just looking for tips that could mabe help me out next year. I have never had the opportunity to talk to anyone that takes hunting serious or takes a lot of big deer. Most of my buddies just go out opening morning and shoot the first thing they see and lay on the couch the rest of the year.

Some cam pics:

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Default RE: Anyone take big deer every year?

your pics

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Default RE: Anyone take big deer every year?

hunting a lot will help?but even prohunters eat a buck tag some years,I like to hunt several different places on several different farms,and the early season and the rut are the prime times anywhere to score on a big one.I cant say that I have taken a big deer every year but I have saw several each year while bow hunting,If I were gun hunting I could have killed them but you know how it goes, bow= 50yards,deer =90yards or gun in hand and a 150class runs across a field 300yards and wont stop for nothing but a doe.
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Default RE: Anyone take big deer every year?

my dads best friend has 300 acres here in pike county and he and his brothers did not shoot a buck for 5 years straight...he has shot a 160 last 4 years
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Default RE: Anyone take big deer every year?

The reason I made this post is because of the show "whitetail Freaks." People that claim to be average guys that work a 40hr week and take some nice deer. I thought mabe there would be a few people on here as well.
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Default RE: Anyone take big deer every year?

IMO the biggest thing is the ability not to shoot. I haven't taken a buck in3 years.

Another thing that helps is not over hunting a single area. Time in the woods is very important, but not if it means hunting the same spot more than once a week.

Scouting is key too, but my personal experience has been that soon as hunting season comes in they will be gone chasing does. Be somewhere with a gun in November.

The very best hunters I know only take a buckabout every two years. Most hunters I know take 2 bucks a year(all thats legal), but that doesn't make them good. Bigbucks aren't that common. If they were it wouldn't be much of a challenge, would it?

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Default RE: Anyone take big deer every year?

let the little ones walk,and i dont really care how old he is. if he's big enough he's mine. be there when the rut kicks in,if you can't take off much time then plan every day you get during the rut.
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Default RE: Anyone take big deer every year?

yeah i shoot 200 inch plus deerin every one of my hunting day dreams
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Default RE: Anyone take big deer every year?

i've seen the show white-tail freaks its a good show but you cant belive too much of it. the only way too kill a good buck is to put your hours in the woods and just keep trying rember nooooooo1 kills a good buck every year watch the does because were the girls are the boys will be not too far behind
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Default RE: Anyone take big deer every year?

These are this year's and last year's bucks. They're big to me, and I passed up some nice ones too


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