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Possible Gut Shot

Old 12-06-2008, 06:18 PM
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Default Possible Gut Shot

I shot at anice buck today. It was a fifty yard shot, with a muzzeloader. I shot and the deer hunched down and ran off. Upon examining where the deer was when I shot, I could not findanysign (blood or hair). I found a couple of drops of a clearish/red fluid which smelled likedeer guts. I feellike I hit the deer. I did not track the deer. What do you guys think? Has anyone experienced anything similar? I plan onlooking for the deer tomorrow.Does anybodyhave any advice or suggestions for what I have described?
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Default RE: Possible Gut Shot

ORIGINAL: Shwagy357

I shot and the deer hunched down and ran off. I found a couple of drops of a clearish/red fluid which smelled likedeer guts. I feellike I hit the deer.
OK, well if you found this, then you hit the deer.

I did not track the deer. What do you guys think?
I think that was a mistake. You should of looked for more fluid from the spot where you found the first signs.

Does anybodyhave any advice or suggestions for what I have described?
If the ground in your area does not get wet tonight, go back to the fluid. Then try to look for more signs of blood/fluid according to where the deer ran to. Good luck and keep us posted.

Oh, and welcome to the site.

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Default RE: Possible Gut Shot

KEEP LOOKING. My nephew gut shot a doe on thanksgiving and it went quite a distance before we found any blood/stomach contents. We did recover the deer shortly after but it took a while for it to start bleeding good.
Good luck on recovering the deer.
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Default RE: Possible Gut Shot

I had the same problem yesterday when i shot my buck with my bow the arrow hit mid body but angled towards the guts it ran for a while and ended up doing a huge circle back close to my stand. From recent experience dont give up tracking good chance he ran andlaid down and died. My problem wasI searched too soon. Mine internaly bleed and only had light blood trail just like yours. GOOD LUCK. Keep us posted
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Default RE: Possible Gut Shot

Go back in the morning and look for more sign if you don't find any keel looking anyway. I shot one yesterday and didn't find any sign but knew he was hit. I did the brush stomp till I found him practically by stomping on him.
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Default RE: Possible Gut Shot

If it stinks id say u gut shot it, go find the deer if ya can, good luck
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Default RE: Possible Gut Shot

I think backing out was the right call. If you put a .50 caliber hole through his guts he is likely dead. Hopefully he just ran off a hundred yards or so, bedded down and died in his bed. The blood trail will likely be pretty light (if you can find one at all) so you might have to do some grid searching. Good luck
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Default RE: Possible Gut Shot

Today I hiked back into the mountain to track the deer I shot. I ended up finding blood about 20 feet from point of impact. The blood appeared to be dark colored. There was not a whole lot of blood but enough to track him 100 to 150 yards. After 100 to 150 yards the deertracksstopped and it seems like the blooddid as well. Is the blood color I found consistent with a liver shot?
Where I'm hunting it is a 1 hour hike back into the mountain. I dont mind making the walk because this was easily one of the biggest deer I've persnally seen in the woods (I'm relatively inexperienced). Yes, I do plan on returning tomorrow and searching. My friend that was helping me track the deer says its a lost cause and to give it up. He also says that the coyotes may get to him and scatter his remains. What do you guys think about that?
I plan on putting in the time whatever it takes.Its been todays, what do you guys recommend I do.

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Default RE: Possible Gut Shot

I definately wouldn't give up if you believe you hit him well. Even if coyotes do get to the meat, maybe you can still get the horns. I've several deer and couldn't find them until a day or two later when my persistance paid off. There have also been times when I never find them. It all depends how dedicated you are to that deer. Me personally, if I found good blood for 100-150 yards, I wouldn't give up just yet.

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Hi I went hunting this past sat and 3 big racks walked up to me and I shot 1and where he was standing was no blood where he ran to I looked for blood to like 20-25yrds there was none when I shot him he jumped and then ran off sorda fast I looked for blood and was none so I went to find my arrow which I did 10yrds behind where he was standing so I contact my brother and said I shot 1 he told me to go BC to camp get the 4wheeler and to come get him and not to push it so let him lay so I did on my way out the lane I crossed a blood trail to where he ran out of my spot I stood on the trail looking for him didn't see him laying or staring so I went to camp and got 4wheeler and got my brother since he's in a wheelchair so I got him and showed him my arrow he seen all the blood and there was some white hair on the broadhead he says I may have hit low so gv him time so we gv him 2hrs and went after him when we got to the lane where blood started we started the hunt for him we went like 25-40yrds and my other friend that was helping me seen him jump up and take off he looked at me and said wow that's a monster and he was running pretty good but I didn't see him running so we followed him a while then backed out for lunch then put out another stand and then went BC out to look so we waited at least 3hrs we looked for him till 3:30-4:00 and he laid down at this 1 spot and at that spot he got up laid BC down got up and laid BC down and did that 1 more time and that's where the blood stops we looked around in a 25-30yrd circle all ways and no blood nor did we find the deer it quit bleeding so where r planning to go BC down this Friday for the weekend and I'm looking for him more wut do u guys think is he dead or did he make it to get away it's.
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Quick Reply: Possible Gut Shot

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