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bows vs guns

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Default bows vs guns

hi everyone. i want to know what its like to hunt with a bow/crossbow.....ive always looked down on it as a wimpy weapon compared to a gun ; however, i've been thinking alot about stealth and not scaring every deer animal within 1 mile by shooting off a gun. Can someone tell me more about the bow or crossbow, and a link to a good starter crossbow or bow that costs about 350$ or less.

A few questions i have about bows are:

can they easily hit a target 100 yards away? 500 yards?

does the arrow come out crooked sometimes when i release it? ( i remember an arrow flying sideways when i was a kid and tried a bow...of course it wasnt a proffesional bow).

what kind of stopping power does an arrow have? (can it stop a bear with 1 shot? or just piss it off?)

how well can i aim with a crossbow? is accuracy going to be a problem compared to a gun?
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Default RE: bows vs guns

Are you being serious? but i will try and answer your questions to the best of my extent. NO a bow will not shoot easily out to 100 yards and i do not recommend amateurs even considering shots of that length. Bow hunting is a matter of close range usually you are offered shots around 10-40 yards but that is what makes bowhunting more exciting. the distance has to be closed so that you are in the deer's space one small mistake and your hunt is blown. Also shot placement is a very big concern personally I only take straight broadside or quartering away shots due to the position of the heart and lungs. If you make a bad shot with a bow you can end up with hours worth of tracking and if your lucky after making a bad shot you just may find your deer at the end of the trail. Modern bows are very accurate more accurate than any professional archer there is if they are tuned properly. Personally just getting in close to that animal and being able to still draw the bow back and release the arrow then watch it careen through the boiler room just makes the work that comes along with bowhunting worth every drop of sweat and blood. You probably won't find any crossbows in that range unless they are used but there are some compound bows out there that you could get set up for around 350 usually they are good beginers bows as well in that they are forgiving so if a beginner does not have perfect form every shot you are less likely to make large mistakes.
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Default RE: bows vs guns

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Default RE: bows vs guns

Yep, he's fishing.
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Default RE: bows vs guns

Sure you can kill a deer at 100 yards, and I might consider it if I hit the lottery 5 straight weeks.
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Default RE: bows vs guns

I shoot deer with a bow at 500 yards consistently. Am I the only one?!
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