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Idea Hunting Show

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Default Idea Hunting Show

I am the owner and host of a national Hunting Show. I am gearing up for the 2009 season and I'd like to truely know what you guys really want to see. I mean from animals, show content, equipment, funny stuff, tips, etc... What do you like and don't like. The 2009 season will be controlled solely by my pocket book therefore I can do and show whatever I want. So I am dead serious, I want real and honest suggestions from you.
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Default RE: Idea Hunting Show

Im sick of hunting couples , "management" bucks, and food plots.

It be cool to see a show with regular guys hunting regular deer, with their own equipment and for god sake's somewhere besides Texas, Iowa & canada.

I never seem to see any shows about hunting the big woods in the north east, thats what I'd like to see.
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Default RE: Idea Hunting Show

Just don't come to Missouri.

Seriously though, I think what you need to have is a show that has a ton of information on it, but you also need to have the kills. Because in all reality that's what MOST people want to see.
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Default RE: Idea Hunting Show

Can We get a show that has actual hunting like in the northeast or somewhere. Show some hunting is real places where people actually hunt. Not every hunt ends with a 200 class whitetail. Get out there and make it realistic, and that would be great.
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Default RE: Idea Hunting Show

ORIGINAL: DeerandbearhoG

Im sick of hunting couples , "management" bucks, and food plots.

It be cool to see a show with regular guys hunting regular deer, with their own equipment and for god sake's somewhere besides Texas, Iowa & canada.

I never seem to see any shows about hunting the big woods in the north east, thats what I'd like to see.
aslo i would like to see how u got the set up adn the area i think that would help many people in stand/blind location. also it really make me mad when some oen shoot a deer or something then they are tracking it and the cameraman ahead of hunter...standing right by the deer, then the hunter looks around and he looks towrds the camera and O wow look theres the deer... idk if u got that or not but the just makes me mad
and whats the show called?...god luck
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Default RE: Idea Hunting Show

I love trophy bucks but I am tired of seeing 100 killed a day on tv. Show regular guys with regular equipment shooting regular deer. I love seeing a guy that is proud of taking a doe or a sixer and not having to call it a management buck. Wait for the trophy but don't be ashamed to shot something that small but legal.

Another thing is I like to know what equipment people are using not just the sponsers. I like a hunter to tell what gun, caliber, ammo, and scope.

Get out of TX and the like and go to AL, GA, SC, PA, etc. where regular folks hunt.

Enough outfitter I can't afford, find a hunt club or public land.
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Default RE: Idea Hunting Show

I've been wanting to express my opinion on this for a long time.

1. I would love to see average guys from different parts of the country hunting the same deer that "real average joes" really shoot. I'm so tired of seeing all the same "professional" hunters hunting the same 150 plus class deer that the majority of the country will never get to even see. I live in Eastern Alabama and let's face it.... we just don't have the monster deer here and I'd love to see guys that I can relate to hunting the same deer that I get to hunt.

2. I'd also like to see some public land hunting, starting from the map reading, to the scouting, to the actual hunting and seeing the end result be an average public land deer.

3. I'd like to see more handicap hunting..... bring in some handicap people who's hunting areas are limited to what their physical capabilities can allow them and give them a good hunt with the opportunity at some world class deer. I hate seeing people who are handicap not having as much of an opportunity hunt scoreable deer as everyone else..... everyone should have the chance.

4. Bring in some new hunters, hunters that the tv world hasn't ever seen. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of some of the tv hunters out there but new talent is all over the world.... give some average joes the opportunity to make their wishes a reality and show the world what they can.... plus most of the hunting world can relate to average joes better than they can hyped up "pros"...... (sidenote: I'm available to come onboard....lol)

5. Me personally I'd like to see more predator hunting on tv.... I like seeing the mountain lion, leopards, african lions, and so on taken out on camera. Predator hunting has always been exciting for me to watch. Just the thrill of hunting something that can hunt you back is enough to get my attention.

6. Last but not least lets see some fun!!! All of us hunters like to have fun in the woods or around the campfire. Lets see some fun activites instead of the whole show being focused on the hunt everyone being so serious. I love watching Ted Nuggent because he brings the show to life, he has fun on the camera and therefor lets the audience have fun with him. Lets see the mishaps, the campfire jokes and the all around fun that this sport brings us.

Just my 2 cent!!

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Default RE: Idea Hunting Show

Hunt in the Big Woods, preferably on public land, not on managed game farms, and not in South Texas. Hunt like a common person would, not with the newest name brand equipment you can find.
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Default RE: Idea Hunting Show

How about a show that starts out with you going to a local bow shop, local gun shop or gun range anywhere in the country. Pick a hunter or two (totaly by surprise and random)and go hunt with them. Show how you scouted the land, set up the spot, and shot the animal, Be it a Buck, doe, spike whatever.

I envision it like this. Michael Wadell or (insert your favorite hunter) comes up to me at my gun range prior to season and says he wants to film a hunt with me. (this is all caught on film of course)We would use the land i was going to hunt be it private or public. We would have pieces on how we scouted it, how we decided where to set the stands or blinds. and then film away.
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Default RE: Idea Hunting Show

Maybe make a show about the animals themselves rather than its host. Every show is all about the host and there is relatively nothing about the animal they are pursuing. Obviously have a host on it but maybe add in some interesting info about the animal in the commentary, and not just something about a whitetail deer.
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