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new to hunting need help

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Default new to hunting need help

i am getting into deer hunting and hunting in generalthis year. i have been reading up on differnt guns and what people use. i would like to keep the gun under or around +/-700$ sense it will be my first gun. looking for something that will be accurateand durable and reliable right out of the box.i noticed alot of talk about the remington 700 series and how its a great gun and accurate but i have also read alot of problems with it. I have seen alot about the savage guns and really havent heard about any mechanical problems with it just that the bolt is a little rough andit isnt the prettiest gun out there wich doesnt really bother me. any help with recomendations on what would be good would be great?
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Default RE: new to hunting need help

my father owns a model 700 30-06. a very good gun. the only problem he had was when he bought (used) the handle on the bolt was broken. the previous owner dropped it. my father found out there was a lifetime warranty on it. cost $30 to ship it to get it fixed. that was over 7 yrs ago. not a problem since. i've never owned one but i have heard really good things about savage rifles. accurate and fairly cheap.
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Default RE: new to hunting need help

I don't own one, but I hear the savage's are the best guns for the price. If you buy the savage kit, you dont have to buy anything else. I think it comes with the strap, scope, and maybe something else too.
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Default RE: new to hunting need help

my first rifle and i still use it is a 30-06 winchester its very good i blew a baseball sized hole in a deer with a grazing shot that broke his front right leg
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Default RE: new to hunting need help

This is my first year hunting also and I traded a handgun for a nearly new Tikka T3 Lite in .270 WSM. I love it, other than the cost of ammo. If I could do it over again i'd find the same gun but in 30-06.
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Default RE: new to hunting need help

and also i forgot to ad i will be hunting in NH and maine so mainly in the woods and probubly every once in a while a long shot here and there

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Default RE: new to hunting need help

I second the savage package Idea I bought 7mm rem mag about five years ago It came with the scope. I also purchased a shoulder strap and a case and a box of ammo all for $425. I am sold on the savages not the prettiest weapon ever made but I bought it to hunt with not to hang on my wall and point at when friends come over.
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Default RE: new to hunting need help

I'm a fan of the model 99 savage supersporters. Pretty And acurate. I have a 30.30 it was my grandfathers and haskilled lots of deer. My uncles have the same gun but 30.06. Check the gun shops or ask around. It's my vote.
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Default RE: new to hunting need help

this is my first hunting year and i use a 10 year old muzzle loader LOL. but its a fantastic gun, and a whole lot of fun. i am looking at getting a H&R rifle. i have heard good things about them and they are well in your price range. and im also a big remington fan, IMOi dont think you could go wrong with a remington.

just be sure you are comfortable with the gun you pick. dont let anyone talk you into buying something your not sure of.

good luck and i hope to see some pics of your monster bucks
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Default RE: new to hunting need help

I have a savage 243,i like it alot,this my first year hunting,The gun shoot real good.i bought it for 300 dollars,have not got to shoot a deer yet but that alright.i learning the ropes,i seen three other day,this i my first gun.
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