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Good week in WV!

Old 11-30-2008, 09:32 PM
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Default Good week in WV!

Well we just got back from our annual opening week of rifle at the cabin. This year we saw alot of deer, and alot of bucks. I personally saw 3-4 bucks per day, and we collectively sawprobably 8-10 good 8pts for the week, and one whopper (that we couldn't connect with). We ended up taking 4 nice bucks for the week, and ironically all were 8pts. We also took 6 does. The highlight for me was that myself, my 11yr old son, and my 65yr old dad all got nice bucks this year. Throw in my 14yr old nephew...and his buck, it was a week to remember! Enjoy

My son just turned 11three weeks ago, this is his 3rd buck ever, and best to date. He made an amazing 125yd shot on this buck (in the woods) dropping him in his tracks! Then he proceeded to jump up and down, jacked beyond belief. It was awesome....I couldn't be happier for him! His opening day 8pt!

Here is my deer, taken Thanksgiving morning. First year in about 10yrs that I've taken one on Thanksgiving. Can't complain about him for where we hunt. I passed about15 bucks prior to seeing him.

Here is my Dad's buck...his best to date. He was so happy to finally get a nice one. We let all the small bucks walk, and my dad seems to have a knack of either only seeing small bucks or messing up when he sees a nice one. This time it worked out!

Last but not least, my 14yr old nephew got his buck on opening day as well. His best to date, and he was pumped!

All in all, a great week and one to remember for sure. I spend most of my time bowhunting, but this one week each year is special to me. Good times with friends and family....great memories made that will last a lifetime for sure.


ps: does anyone know how to change a date on a picture? mycamera had the am/pm out of whack, so its showing a day early on most of my pictures. [&:]I'm not even close to aphoto guru, anyone that could help me out with that...please let me know. I dont even know if it can be done.
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Default RE: Good week in WV!

Wow!!! I'd say you all had one hell of a hunt there Mike!! Congrat's to you and gramps but most of all congratulation's to the young fellers!! I love threads like this, pretty damn cool seeing the whole family being successful.

Congratulation's to you all Mike!!
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Default RE: Good week in WV!

Congratulations, Mike. I moved from WV to Idaho in 1991, and I sure miss those whitetail hunts. You guys are to be commended on your deer management. When I lived back therehunters (me included) normally shot the first buck they saw. It was tough to get a nice 8 point or better. Great story and photos.
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Default RE: Good week in WV!

That's what it's all about...
I can't wait until my little guy is old enough to do the same.
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Default RE: Good week in WV!

congrats on a great family hunt
nice bucks
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Default RE: Good week in WV!

Nice pics and congrats to the whole family. I enjoyed viewing them. Sounds like next year will be productive as well!
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Default RE: Good week in WV!

Thanks guys.

Shultzy....you said he'd probably get one bigger than me - he darn near did! [8D]

Ed, yes its quite fun seeing the young ones be successful. It won't be long for you....I began taking them with me at 4, for very small trips. They had a blast. The key with the young ones is to not push them beyond their threshold - either time on stand, or weather conditions.

Yes, it was quite a week....and our young hunters are doing VERY well! Heck, I hunted for YEARS before even seeing a buck like they got, muchless getting one. And Ididn't start at 9 like them....more like 17! My nephew actually let his first buck walk this year (a spike)....and it paid off for him a couple hours later! My son hasn't quite reached that point yet, as he is still jacked about ANY buck. Might be different next year now, since he got a nice one. I bet he'll have trouble dropping the hammer on a spike [8D]Doesn't bother me either way, they have plenty of time to mature.

Its a great place to hunt, and we have been letting the small ones walk for 10 yrs now. We aren't under an official management plan, more like the "don't shoot it if it doesn't make you really happy"plan, and make sure you shoot a doe or two each season also. It has worked pretty well, as we have definitely seen a major improvement in our herd - both in size and age of the bucks, and in the buck/doe ratio. First 3 years we shot about every doe we saw....there was way too many. Now we take about twice as many does than bucks for the year most years at least, if not more. Our area is not known for real big bucks, but these sure beat what most folks were bringing into the check station. First buck by....is what most hunters do - just like bullelk1 said.

Good luck to you guys the rest of the season!

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Default RE: Good week in WV!

Hey WV Hunter those are some good lookin deer. What parts of WV are u huntin in. I hunting all week and only saw a couple small bucks that i let pass so i can have some good lookin deer for archery next year. Those are some good loookin WV deer though, nice!!!
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Default RE: Good week in WV!

Hey those are some nice deer!!! me and my family went to Nicholas county,were really from Mcdowell county... we came out with a couple also.... where in WV are ya from??
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Default RE: Good week in WV!

Nice deer. Congrats to all.
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Quick Reply: Good week in WV!

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