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7MM Rem Mag shells

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Default 7MM Rem Mag shells

I just purchased a BAR in 7MM Rem Mag. I hunt whitetails every year and moose every other year. I expect to use different bullets for each. Any recommendations for each bullet would be appreciated. I have had great success on both deer and moose with a Remington A frame 180 grain. I know that Remington makes an A frame for the 7MM Rem Mag in 160 grain & I think that this would be the ticket for deer, but maybe for moose I would have to go to a heavier bullet in the 7MM ? I know that shot placement is most important. I want an effective kill but not wasted meat.
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Default RE: 7MM Rem Mag shells

I shoot a 7 Mag also. I've never hunted anything bigger than deer though. I use WinchesterBallistic Silvertip, 150 grain. Never have had a problem with them. I seem to kill more deer with them than the cheaper ones, maybe I am just getting calmer over the years though.
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Default RE: 7MM Rem Mag shells

I would think the hornady 154 grain SST would be more than adequate for whitetail and moose. Check it out:

https://www.hornady.com/shop/?ps_session=ebd7da62ba0b9c4c0ea5db9a2d000740&p age=shop%2Fbrowse&category_id=5bc2df448258be45 fb6bd9ce8eeee93d

Also, they are going for $34 a box at Cabela's:

http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/product/standard-item.jsp?_DARGS=/cabelas/en/common/catalog/item-link.jsp_A&_DAV=MainCatcat602007-cat20839&id=0018819210823a&navCount=1& podId=0018819&parentId=cat20839&masterpath id=&navAction=push&catalogCode=XJ&rid= &parentType=index&indexId=cat601233&ha sJS=true

I know that's a little steep but believe me, you'll only need one shot
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Default RE: 7MM Rem Mag shells

I use 150 gr Federal Premiums in my 7 mag, with which I've shot many deer and half a dozen moose. The moose shots have varied from 30 to over 200 yards and none has ever gone more than 25 yards before tipping over. In my experience, it doesn't take an extraordinary bullet to kill a moose efficiently.

Most recently: http://www.angelfire.com/bc/canuck2/current2007.html
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Default RE: 7MM Rem Mag shells

Well, my dad has a MAG and he has killed a moose with it and no deer (he uses a .308 for deer as he feels the 7mm is a little OVERKILL![8D]) Anyways, his moose bullet is the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw. Great bullet, i have used it in my .270 on some big canadian whitetail with awesome penetration, minimal meat damage, LOTS of organ damage, and a nice 50 cent piece sized exit. It is bonded so the penetration should be great for moose, and it does plenty of damage to put a whitetail down fast. I highly recommend this bullet for you.

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Default RE: 7MM Rem Mag shells

Stick with 140-150 gr lightly constructed bullets for deer and 160-175 gr more heavily constructed or more controlled expansion bullets for moose and you'll be ok. Just remember the exact zero settings and write them down so you won't forget them. That's assuming you have a decent scope mounted on your rifle that'll adjust and track properly. Of course if you just want to use 1 bullet for both,go with 1 of the controlled expansion bullets in the 160 gr range.
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Default RE: 7MM Rem Mag shells

Any controled expansion bullet in 150 grains is all you will ever need to use from deerto moose. Accubond, Interbond, TBBC, Partition, etc...

You could even go lighter with the Barnes, Winchester XP3, The new Nosler E-tip, and Hornady's new all copper bullet in 140 grain weights.

Me personallyI would pick one bullet that will do the job well on both animals rather than using two different bullets for each animal.
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Default RE: 7MM Rem Mag shells

I have had great luck with the cheap ol' Remington Core Lokt 150gr.

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Default RE: 7MM Rem Mag shells

Triple shock the moose with Barnes.
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Default RE: 7MM Rem Mag shells

I have used a 7mag for over 20 years. Although I have never hunted moose with mine I would think that awell constructed bullet like a nosler partition or something along those lines in a 160gr would be just fine.
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Quick Reply: 7MM Rem Mag shells

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