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Default TOTALLY PI$$3D

Ok. I'm a pretty patient man. That being said. Saturday I was pushed to my limit. I decided to go back to my families farm in Jefferson County since the son in law of the owner of the property I was hunting in Owen county (where I saw the big 8 pt the week before) has since thrown a fit that I hunting there because he wanted the place to himself. So needless to say its easier for owner to get rid of me than his son in law. So I call my uncle and he tells me to go ahead and hunt our families land. I've hunted it in the past it was a really great peice of land for deer. Hunted it as a kid. Heck, I even hunted it last season and killed a nice 6 point out there. Now, I should note that when my grandfather was alive he owned the property and he allowed a guy who lives on a lot adjacent to property to hunt out there. I should also note that my grandfather has been dead for two years. So this person does not have permission to be there.

So anyways, I get out there and I walk in at around 9am on saturday morning. I figured I'd still hunt. Look around. Get acclamated to the situation and then get ready for the afternoon/evening hunt. So I walk in and I discover that not only is one of my stands missing but some jerk off has carved a really big four wheeler path into the property and someone put a big campsite where one of my stands used to be. Beer cans all over the place, an old ratty tent, and a fire place. By this time I'm getting kind of mad. But I figure "hey can't do anything right now" and best thing to do is find somewhere quiet to sit and see if something comes along.

So I'm sitting there for an hour or so when I hear a four wheeler on the property bordering mine. It stops and I figure someone has probably sat on top of that hillside so I walk on down the ridge to keep safe distance. About another hour later I see something coming down the creek bed. Its brown and movin slow so I figure get ready. It gets just with in shooting range (50 yards in deep cover) and I see a white gandermountain hat right behind this object (which is clearly a person). To top that off they were both carrying high powered rifles (one had a Rem 700 and the otheraAR15 Bushmaster)and Indiana is a shotgun and mL state. By this time I'm thinking "well s$%t, my hunt is done here". So I casually say "Ya know, if you guys are gonna be on my property or out in the woods at all right now, you should have some orange on". The stop and look around. They finally see me and turn white. I walk down the hill and introduce myself and say that they need to put their orange on. They explained that they had shot a deer on their property the night beforeand where looking for it and where sure that it was down in this valley. I tell them that they are welcome to look for it but next time they had better not bring illegal weapons onto my family's property.So we head off to look for the deer.

We go acouple hundred yards down the creek and they decide that they don't want it. I had to leave to go toa meeting so I decided to walk up to my car. So I start walkin when I see her. So I back off and call the guy on his phone. we corner her intoasmall canyon and I finally take the shot and kill her. Then I proceed tohelpthe guys gut the deer. So I ask how they're gonnaget her out and one of the guys says to me that he'll just bring his four wheeler down here because they do it all the time. Ok, this iswhere I about blew. But keep in mind they had an AR and I had an 870. So Icalmly suggested that they keep their four wheeler on their property and helped them walk the deer over toa good access point.

Ithen start walkin back totruck. I walk up a hill and I see a stand that belongs to the guywho at one time had permission to hunt. He had moved his stand. So I walk up the hill more and I see it.There is one of my old stands in the place where this guys stand used to be.I'm hot. I mean I am just ticked off. So I go over to a buddy of mine's house because he owns a propertyon the border of my place and he tells me that appartently the guy who used tohave permission has been allowing his 11 year old son hunt ALONE on my property. Thats where I stand right now.

I've talked to my uncle and he wants to take people up there this week because the family is going to be in town andhe needs to show my aunts the damage and they'll come to a decision on what to do. He suggested putting up NO HUNTING signs. As for me, I've started carrying my357 and I'm going to put chains and locks on my stands.

Thanks for listening and if you have any other advice lets here it.
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Default RE: TOTALLY PI$$3D

Damn that sucks. I dont know about Indiana but in Oklahoma the CWO's cant get the charges to stick unless the signs are already up. Seems like about all you can do is post it now and tell them they are not welcome anymore. Sorry to hear about your situation.

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Default RE: TOTALLY PI$$3D

Wow...sounds like you and your family are being taken advantage of in a big way. If it was me, I'd post every bit of it, put locked gates in place where the fourwheeler trails go in and out, and put the local game warden on alert for them, especially if they're carrying centerfire rifles in a state where they are illegal to hunt with. I would probablycollect all theirstands and dump them in their front yard, and while I was at it inform them that the area is now off limits and that the GW is keeping an eye on the place. If they keep sneaking onto the place then I'd give a call to the game warden and if possible write down their license plate number. It could all just be a misunderstanding, you said before your grandfather passed away he'd given them permission to hunt the land, maybe they think that things haven't changed and they still have the hunting rights to the property. Definitely don't go postal on them and blow up, with today's screwed up laws they'd have you locked up and give them a slap on the wrist. good luck.
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Default RE: TOTALLY PI$$3D

that sucks.. where in jeff is your place that is where i`m at.

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Default RE: TOTALLY PI$$3D

That sucks man. I sware if anyone ever decides to trespass/poach on my property. I'm not nice talkin to them.

But you did the RIGHT thing!!
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Default RE: TOTALLY PI$$3D

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Default RE: TOTALLY PI$$3D

Post the crap out of it. In VA we can also paint a silver strip on a tree, and it is just as good as a sign. Most idiots try to tear signs down. The fine for trespassing on posted land is higher than none posted. And make the suckers pay for it. F them.
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Default RE: TOTALLY PI$$3D

ORIGINAL: gbrownlee

Damn that sucks. I dont know about Indiana but in Oklahoma the CWO's cant get the charges to stick unless the signs are already up. Seems like about all you can do is post it now and tell them they are not welcome anymore. Sorry to hear about your situation.

I dont think it has to be posted in Indiana for a person to be tresspassing on private property. You have to have permission or its against the law even if its not posted.
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Default RE: TOTALLY PI$$3D

Good job keeping cool. If you poach where I live you can get your truck, guns, and hunting license taken away.
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Default RE: TOTALLY PI$$3D

its up on doogan hollow and rykers ridge area.. Go in old 62 to K road and its in that area
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Quick Reply: TOTALLY PI$$3D

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