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tschaef 11-27-2008 07:14 AM

RE: Ever fear getting shot?
Was dragging a caribou across a frozen lake in a sled in northern Quebec when a herd crossed the lake between me and another group of hunters. I was in full orange but the other group still fired into the herd! I dropped everything and ran for shore, when the shooting stopped and the herd was gone so was the other group, i would have loved to have caught up with those guys![:@]

lookingforthebigone 11-28-2008 11:26 AM

RE: Ever fear getting shot?
I have never really feared it but I have come close to it a few times. I do must of my hunting on public land and hunters dont always know you there. I have found it is alot saffer in the thickets. It is bound to hit a tree befor it gets to you. All my incounters with it coming close is in open fildes were to meat and there is a small tree line devieding them if you are in the field and some else is in the other ond you dont see them for the tree line and you do not know they are there. But I dont think you have to worey if ti were a problem yous would see it happen more often. Most people identify what they are shoting at befor the shot it the ones that dont know you around you need to think about. I tryto wave at everone I see wen I go to let them know Im around. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

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