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Deer hunting over rated?

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Default RE: Deer hunting over rated?

No it's not over rated,I've killed a few pope and young bucks and still looking for that boone and crockett,but I still get excited when any deer is closing the distance to my stand and possibly giving me a shot,I killed a 18inch wide 8pointer wednsday with short tines,but I was as happy to pull the trigger on him as any other deer that I have killed.It's way under rated!!
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Default RE: Deer hunting over rated?


Do you think that deer hunting is over rated?? I'm starting to because i spent weeks before the season started scouting, putting out cameras, and putting out food for them. Also spent a day out in the tent a couple times to see how they were movin and saw about 10 deer. Then it comes down to opening day of gun season. Don't see one thing! Then you come on this site and see a ton of people but you with a deer. What do you guys think.... Is it over rated?
I think too many folks take it way to seriously. Trail cams, scents, scent suits, walkers game etc. Are you kiddng me? My grampa bolted a 1/2 barrel to a tree and crawled up in it and sat in he overalls and flannel, tagged a buck every season. I grew up and pretty good deer country, Illinois. Deer were scarce back in the day, and a doe was gather round occurance. I can still remeber my dad sneaking around with his old double barrel and slugs, but he put meat on the table. I thought back then that deer hunting was really the only reason to live. I moved to Montana many years ago and started hunting other game, and deer hunting took a long back seat. I manage to crack out after some whitetails now and again, but is just not the same. Frankly, it is ridiculously easy. The area I hunt here I have killed 4 bucks and 2 does in 5 hunts, thats 5 hunts not years. I'm I a good deer hunter? No, not really. I just sneak around the forest and glass, then shoot.Other areas I'm sure its more difficult. I think deer hunting is way too hyped with all the videos etc.
At the end of the day, it is just a deer. The real value in deer hunting is the time in the woods with family and friends, the time a camp, and all the stories you accumulate over the successful seasons, and the ones not so successful. I confess that most of our fond memories of camp, do not involve the taking of a deer, but in the scenarios and mishaps that occured. If your focus on deer hunting is to get the "big one", I believe you are missing the best that hunting has to offer, and you won't find that in a 150" buck, on a video, or in any technical goods you tote in the woods. Once in a while, it's good to pull out grampa's old 30/30 open site, and just stalk thru the woods remembering the deer that fell to this rifle. We all grow old, and somedayI won't be able to take those strolls thru the timber, but my memories will carry me back to those hunts, andI doubtI will much care whether or not I saw a deer, only that I was blessed enough to have been there.
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Default RE: Deer hunting over rated?

I do not feel it is over rated and i love it. but i would also love to try hunting Mule deer, Elk, and Moose, but i live in TN
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Default RE: Deer hunting over rated?

No way!! It is the best game out there and it starts the day the season is over. It is not the kill but the hunt that is the primative instinct in us. You must use all your senses in order to be successful and really try to find positives in every hunt. For example, now you know that this field is pressured during the season so go and find one that is not pressured. I start with good aerial photos, then do drive-bys and see if there are good food sources near by. The best tip is hunt the does and think like a big buck that does not want to get shot.
Have fun and read as much as you can when you first start. I only started when I was 18 and have shot 6 bucks over 150, but most of the time I eat my tag because I am trying to better my deer each year. Even though I eat my tag most years(and they taste aweful) I LOVE WHITETAIL hunting.
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Default RE: Deer hunting over rated?

I agree with Muley. Way to many people take it too serious. It is not all about the actual taking of game.
It is about being outdoors enjoying all of Gods Great Outdoors and everything he made for us to use. The taking of a animal is just a bonus. Evening seeing them and watching them is great.
I Love just being out in the woods.
As far as some guidance and what to look for to make your odds better. I would say look for a funnel area first. Anywhere that restricts the animal to go thru a pinch point. Be it the woods narrowing down, or a drainage in a hill side, or a saddle. These are all funnels. Next look for numerous trails merging to the same place and creating a hub. Like the center of a bike tire with the spokes all going to the center. The more trails merging the better.
Just a little insight to help you out.
Hope this helps and never forget to enjoy the Hunt no matter what.Be persistent. Andenjoy Gods Great Outdoors!!
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Default RE: Deer hunting over rated?

If seeing deer and shooting deer was easy it would be called killin not huntin. I spent a season and a half before i saw my first deer. after that it took me till my fifth season before I finally killed a deer (doe), and my seventh season before I killed a buck.

I have had several times when I only saw one deer the entire season. In 2002 I saw one deer, a six point, and I was lucky enough to get a shot at it.

Also, while you are out there take the time to notice all the things that non-hunters will never see. enjoy looking at the birds, squirrels, and other critters. You will learn alot about nature.

Hang in there...ur time is commin.
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Default RE: Deer hunting over rated?

If there were no deer hunting, you may as well move to Japan and go fishing.

Deer hunting can't be taken serious enough. [:-]
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Default RE: Deer hunting over rated?

To me deer hunting is about the hunt. I don't invade my good areas like you do. I let them sit undisturbed as much as possible because you leave scent everywhere. Then come hunting season I practice scent control. Wash my gear and myself in scent free soap... I also use a scent killer with fresh earth scent. Then I get to my stand and wait. I usualy see deer. Sometimes out of range but many times in range. I love to watch them and I generaly am a little picky with what I shoot. Why? well because I see deer, sure, but because I like to watch them.

The hunt is it for me. I think I could go out with just a camera and take pics. But the pics don't taste as good. So I take a deer occasionaly.

Stop overworking yourself to get a kill. Just hunt and enjoy it. You not starving to death so relax and enjoy the woods. I think you'll find it comes much easier then.

Good luck.
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Default RE: Deer hunting over rated?

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Default RE: Deer hunting over rated?

you are probly the first person that i have heard say that...... there is no way its overated.. mayb underated. i been weeks without seein anything but still had the love of the game runnin through me and got right back out. dont give up
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