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Best caliber

Old 11-22-2008, 12:55 PM
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I shoot a Browning A-Bolt 270 Short Mag (with which I took my first deer just yesterday). I love it, it shoots flat and fast. My problem is the price of shells. The fancy shells are worth $50 plus here in Canada, and the cheapest Winchester Super X 150 Grains are now $37 a box, whereas 30-06 shells from the Co-op are still only $24-27. If I could afford another rifle, I would go with a 30-06, that is my two bit rant. 7mm's are great and all, shoot hard and fast as well, but I am a light weight and I never was a big fan of sporting a hillbilly hickey all the time.
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7mm Mag all the way. I love my .270 and have shot a couple of deer with it, but I have shot 3 deer with my 7mm Mag and it belonged to my Great Uncle before that (he shot 4 deer with it before he passed away) and any deer that has been shot with it has not taken a step. Also very accurate. Took a nice 9 point at roughly 275 yards last year and put it right through the heart (probably just a lucky shot ). Not to go into any major history, but it belonged to My Grandpa after his brother (my Great Unlce) passed away. It sat in my grandpas gun cabinet for years untouched and still looks like new. Anyways, I always asked about it and why it was never really shot and he passed his on down to me last year, though I have used it for about 4 years.
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I voted .260 Rem but I'd also like to brag on the 6.8spc.
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My favorite actually is my CZ550 american 6.5x55 sweedish mauser
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Default RE: Best caliber

I would say 270 WSM, tough to beat the ballistics.
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There are a lot of good calibers in this poll but since my favourite deer rifle is my 270win, I voted for it.
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i love the .243. cant go wrong with it
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6.5x55 Swedish mauser anyone?
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