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Default RE: BACKSTRAPS....questions

Well now that that is settled.....lol

Last batch of "Back Strap" I cooked up on the grill was simple, easy, and awesome...... All I did was soak the back strap in ice water for a day before cooking. Then I sliced into 1 1/2 inch (roughly) slices. I wrapped them with Hill hickory smoked country bacon (the good thick kind) andslid them on shish kabob rod. I brushed them down with olive oil and simply salt and peppered them. Then I threw them on the grill off direct heat, and let them cook until the bacon was done not crispy. I did slid them closer to the fire once almost finished so I could brown the meat a tad, but not long.

I know there are a lot of different ways to do that, but I never tried it before and just threw it together. My wife and kids all informed me that it was definitely a keeper...lol
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Default RE: BACKSTRAPS....questions

Deleted for skirting the profanity filter, violation of posting rule number 1.
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Default RE: BACKSTRAPS....questions

[:@]I"VE WASTED THE TENDERLOINS!!!! arrg .. I am embarrassed to say.. I was always told the backstraps was the tenderloin and thus.. have never.... well.. im in for a treat this year thanks for the pictures.. I'll be sure to get it right from now on!
as to recipe.. I just use butter and mushroomswith the backstraps.
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Default RE: BACKSTRAPS....questions

People are always missing the tenderloins. Too bad, they are fantastic. Especially on an elk, when the t-loins are as big as a deer's backstrap and an elk's backstrap is something like 5 feet long and must weight ~15 lbs.
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Default RE: BACKSTRAPS....questions

I can't believe this post got so heated. Shoot the deer, gut the deer, process the deer. Take the meat, cook it any way you want, and eat the damn thing. Either right out of the deer is good or pump it full of seasoning...it's up to you. Hope you got one so you can try it and decide which way you like it the best.
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Default RE: BACKSTRAPS....questions

Tenderloins come out as soon as the deer is hanging at our camp. I have never sent a deer to processing with them in it. They dry out quick, and are by far the best cut of meat in a deer. Its what filet mignon is!
I don't like to hide the taste with sauces and such, just fry in cast iron with caramelized onions, butter, and pepper.
As for the back straps, any good steak prep will do, just don't overcook!
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Default RE: BACKSTRAPS....questions

The biggest problem in the debate is the use of the word "Backstrap". It is a basically a euphamism (sp???). I believe the correct terms are loins and tenderloins. Backstrap terminology would be akin to telling someone to make sure theykeep "The Blood Pumper" when gutting a deer when you are referring to the heart.
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Default RE: BACKSTRAPS....questions

my favorite is fry it in some seasoning of choice and put mayo on it. I bet your tongue will be slappin yuor brain to death lol
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Default RE: BACKSTRAPS....questions

The tenderloins, also called "catfish", are the first pieces to come out of my deer. You must be careful when field dressing not to destroy them. I soak mine in water for a couple of days then coat them in freshly cracked peppercorns, grill whole, and serve with a cold Budweiser. I am going to try the cream cheese and wine recipes with my loins. Got a 1.5 year old doe in the freezer. It won't last long now. Thanks fellas!

Bob R.
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Default RE: BACKSTRAPS....questions

btw - How long does it take wis_bow_huntr to process a deer? Mine have never looked so well trimmed. I'm in and out and give the rest to the coyotes. Tried cutting off neck, belly, and rib meat, but would rather just shoot another deer.
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