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Shot me a buck tonight!

Old 11-16-2008, 09:31 PM
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Default Shot me a buck tonight!

It's 11:07pm, and I have to wake up and go to school at 6:30, but I need t write a story too.

Woke up today pretty late... everyone was still asleep and passed out from the party last night. With nothing in mind to do, I plugged the guitar into the wall and fiddled with it for a while. One of my buddy calls and comes over to the house, and we decide, since we haven't been once this season, to go and deer hunt. We've been salvaging every penny for duck season, therefore no time for deer season.

We didn't leave until about 11:30am, and it took us an hour and a half to get up there. I didn't have a stand for myself setup on my property, so we threw the stand up at a spot that I've had scouted out since earlier this year.I crawled up in the stand at about 3:15pm, after i had just laid a codeblue scent trail on the major deer highway about 100 yards off of a powerline i was hunting. I was running late, so I just completely said "forget about scent cover." All and all, time was passing ever so slowly. The only thing I'd seen was a couple of squirrels and crows. I was starting to get bummed out. I wasn't expecting to see anything that I would shoot, but I was expecting to see something. It got to be about 5:30, and the temperature had hit the 40's, so I began to zip up my jacket. I was making a lot of noise, but it had to be done. As I was doing this, I heard crashing coming from my back left. I thought to myself "dammit! I just spooked a deer!" I turn around real slow, and I saw this buck thrashing his antlers on some low-hanging hard wood limbs. My heart stopped, and the buck fever hit me like a bat out of hell! I put the ole Meatstick on him: about a 25 - 30 yard shot, using buckshot. The wind was blowing downwind from the scent trail i laid, so I was hoping he'd catch it and come my way. Well, the joker didn't. He started walking away getting almost too far for a shot, quartering from me. Like God had given me this deer, he for some reason stopped, and turned to give me a perfect broadside shot. With the bead on his shoulder, I let the lead fly. The first shot hit him good... he shuddered and run awkwardly with his head down. I put two more in him when he was running, but the joker kept on truckin. I watched him run about 50 yards, and his roll slowed down, and watched him drop. I couldn't have been more stoked!!! I called everyone on my speed dial and told em what had just happened. I got down from the stand to see if i could track him, but he left no blood that I could find. I took me some looking to find the pellets that had hit him. He fell on a side trail made for rabbit hunting, and I dragged him about 400 yards to where I was being picked up. What a work out! He's not my biggest bodied deer, or biggest racked deer for that matter, but he has the most points and is just flat out a great deer nonetheless! Definitely on the wall!

My hand STILL smell liked doe urine [:@]

What really gets me is that I put almost no effort into getting this deer. I scouted two days during the pre-season, but had not hunted once since opening day on Aug.15.
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Old 11-16-2008, 10:43 PM
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Default RE: Shot me a buck tonight!

Congrats man!! THATS AWESOME!
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Old 11-16-2008, 11:54 PM
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Default RE: Shot me a buck tonight!

great buck! they don't all come easy tho!
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Default RE: Shot me a buck tonight!

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Default RE: Shot me a buck tonight!

Great buck! Congrats!
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Default RE: Shot me a buck tonight!

Nice buck. Congrats.
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Default RE: Shot me a buck tonight!

nice buck.. congrats.

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Default RE: Shot me a buck tonight!

Thanks fellas
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Default RE: Shot me a buck tonight!

Good Job!
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Default RE: Shot me a buck tonight!

Congrats, very cool!!!
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