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A .270 Sucks????

Old 11-12-2008, 06:29 AM
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Default RE: A .270 Sucks????

ORIGINAL: DoctorDeath

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and that it has the highest percentage of lost deer of any centerfire caliber. Surely this isn't true? I know quite a few people who hunt with a.270 and I've never heard about that.

well that statement could actually be true considering that it is most likely the most popular caliber out there today .... but I would be curious where he got his data?


just like the doc said, if it's the most popular whitetail caliber then yes it will have the most deer lost with it. It's not the caliber, it's the shooter. I've been using my .270 for 8 years and have never lost a deer yet
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Default RE: A .270 Sucks????


My Dad with a .270 - Any questions? It's the only caliber he's ever regularly used and I can't tell you how many deer have fallen by one of the two he's owned. I prefer the 30/06. but I can't deny the success he's had.
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Default RE: A .270 Sucks????

I use to do a lot of long range tactical sooting and in that time I have used(and tinkered with) a lot of calibers. The .270 will more than do the job. The guy that told you this really doesn't have any idea what he is talking about.

jrbsr, reguarding the 7mm-08, that round was geting real popular when I got out of lr-shooting. I had one for a short while and loved it.

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Default RE: A .270 Sucks????

The employee is sprobably one of those idiots that has killed 2 deer (both does)with a .300 Weatherby, therefore nothing else will stop a deer type idiots.
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Default RE: A .270 Sucks????

I love my 270...lost ONE....it was a non lethal shot anyway.I took a bad shot, poor judgement on my part. Shot it just above the knee, barely grazing it. Flesh wound.
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Default RE: A .270 Sucks????

That is why if I am buying a gun I much rather buy it from a large store like Wal-Mart, Gander, Dick's sporting goods, etc. They will sell you whatever you want without giving you much lip about it. Some people rave about supporting the small shops but from my experience they know just as little as the teenager at Wal-Mart. The small shops push the stuff they have in stock just so they could get rid of it and tell you all sorts of stories on how much better it is than the product you really came in to the store to buy. I knew exactly what gun I wanted before I ever went into a store to buy it, so the gunshop salesmans suggestions are of no relevance to me. Thus I rather buy from a large store where the prices most likely will be better.

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Default RE: A .270 Sucks????

i am not against buying a gun anywhere to be honest. I just think that if you are buying a gun you should know what questions to ask and be prepared. I often see people buying a gun with NO experience. With the resources available today on the internet you can really get educated and know when you are listening to a dummy try to sell you on a gun.

the .270 is a great round for deer. many people in our camp use it. I however and very partial to the 7mm-08. LOVE that caliber for deer.
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Default RE: A .270 Sucks????

i shoot a 270 wsm and never lost a deer yet.
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Default RE: A .270 Sucks????

That guy is an clueless. F&S recently did a poll with outfitters on hunter stats and gear the the majority said the .270 was the best deer rifle follewed very closely by the 30-06. If that guy thinks that the 270 some how inhearently is a bad deer rifle he doesn't know much about ballistics and bullets. How could a round between a 243 and a 300 win mag be the only bad egg.
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Default RE: A .270 Sucks????

I bought my first .270 three years ago, I have used it for 2 hunting seasons going on my third and shot 5 deer with it. Four of those five deer dropped right away, the other one ran about 50 yards and then dropped. I think that it is a great caliber for deer.
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Quick Reply: A .270 Sucks????

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