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met the stupidest person ever today

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met the stupidest person ever today

Old 11-07-2008, 08:22 PM
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Default RE: met the stupidest person every today

Tell him, "thanks for letting you know". They tell him that if you are ever on a school field trip and the bus breaks down causing all of you to be trapped in the wilderness for days without even a snickers bar then he will be the first on the BBQ. Sorry that is a little sick but goofs like that just make me laugh.
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Old 11-08-2008, 08:10 AM
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Default RE: met the stupidest person every today

i think someone else said this but an educated hunter is the best medicine. i wrote a research paper on this for a college class that i had. i laid out a convincing reason why hunting is ethical and necessary. the teacher who was not outspoken as an 'anti' but judging her she was a liberal nazi women. she told me after i turned it in that what i wrote had changed her perception... also do some personal research and you will find that peta is not against hunting for those who do it for sustenance. this is to say they are hypocrites if it is right for some but not for all what is the point in that. also you can simply point out how inhumane it is to eat farm raised animals. if you think about it it truely is. they are killed in the same ways but this is humane treatment or necessary. but when we pull the trigger or release an arrow and kill WILD game that has a fighting change for the same purpose.. now tell me that makes sense. next time ask them if they are vegetarians and if they say they are not tell them that i do not argue with hypocrites. i eat what i shoot i do not let people do my killing for me.
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Old 11-08-2008, 09:28 AM
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Default RE: met the stupidest person every today

American Hunter magazine did an article a few months back on how to argue with an anti, but i can't find it online. here's a quick and dirty version i found on another site:

Step 1. Be Nice.

Step 2. Let the Anti begin

Step 3. Point out their Contradictions
the author goes on to list 10 misconceptions that Anti's have about us.
10. Hunting increases deer-vehicle collisions.
9. Hunting isn't fair.
8. You only want to kill.
7. Hunting results in increased Violence.
6. Compensatory rebound causes the hunted deer to have more fawns.
5. We don't need hunting because there's a natural predator-prey symbiotic relationship.
4. (my favorite) Deer birthcontrol can replace hunters.

3. Hunters only kill trophies.
2. Humans are the only species that enjoys killing.
1.Hunting doesn't reduce predator attacks.

Step 4. Explain the Bennies of hunting. (they listed some)
1, Do you know hunting helps wildlife species recover.
2, Did you know sportsmen, Not mountain Bikers, Bird watchers, or Hikers, Pay for conservation and endangered species Protection.
3, Did you know that when you end hunting even song birds suffer?
4, Did you know that proffessional hunters keep airports safe?
5, Did you know hunting deer Reduces highway fatalities?
6, Did you know that even vegitarians rely on hunters?

Step 5 Provide a way out of muddled logic

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Old 11-10-2008, 06:48 AM
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Default RE: met the stupidest person every today

Punch him in the eye!
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Old 11-10-2008, 12:49 PM
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Default RE: met the stupidest person every today

Yeah, that's one of my favorites.

During the RUT!!!!! theysee the increase of DVC's and think "hmmm, who's to blame for that??? Horny bucks??? nah. Wandering does???? nah. Human dwellings encroaching into their habitat???? nah. Hunters???? bingo, we have a scapegoat!!!!!"
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Old 11-10-2008, 12:55 PM
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Default RE: met the stupidest person every today

ORIGINAL: superstrutter

Good God Remingtonshooter, do they teach English at your school.

It's ok man... don't let it get to ya. All you have to do is ignore it. Or just tell him to go talk to any predator that needs to kill other animals to eat. He won't have anything worth a damn to say when he realizes that animals are getting killed by other animals, not just humans.
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Old 11-10-2008, 01:33 PM
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Default RE: met the stupidest person every today

Just tell him to get over it and get Life. or atleast thats what I would tell him.
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Old 11-10-2008, 01:41 PM
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Default RE: met the stupidest person every today

I got written up in college for hanging a buck out of my dorm window.Just got out of the service and I was going to school way n the mountains of PA. I had shot the darn thing right off of campus and had no place to hang it where it wouldn't get eaten by yotes,bear or stolen by the local folks.I had no way tpo get it processed until morning, when my roomate returned w/ his car. By the time i got it up the elevator and in my room it was around 10. The window was aimed off campus side, everyone was out a praties for the Saturday night i figure i'm okay until the a.m. I takes it an hangs it out the window to cool. Little did I know the bottom half of the legs was hanging down over the room downstairs and of course there was some blood seepage. I was tired from hunting, dragging anf hanging that deer and went to bed. About 3{00 a/m the campus police are banging on my door and wanting to know if that was my deer and was i n uts etc. etc, Seems the young ladies in the dorm below came in w/ a load on, looked at the strage thing outside the window, looked further t investigate the situation and saw the deer swinging in the wind. This caused her to feel extremem discomfort and become ill in addition to most of the girls on that floor. The cop was a decent sort and explained to me that it while was not illegal to do this it needed ot be removed immediately. He was a hunter and we trew it into his truck (whole time he was laughing), He hauled ot for processing the next day for me and we weere friends since. However the college whle not finding anyhting in the rule books about hanging deer from dorm windows wrote me up for disturbance in the resedential dorms and i had to see the Dean of Men who was a most unkind intellectual that asked why I killed and then hung it out for most people to see. Told him meat was good and had no where else til' morning. He alsed me if i would do this at home, I told him yes we had a deer pole out back where you could find a lot of deer hanging.He was just astounded at that answerr, remember I was 26, seen the world and not intimidated by the intellectual li berals at this school. I was then warned severely and told that in my case and my age it would be strongly reccommended that I not consider dorm life in the next semester. That it was better for all concerened if I lived off campus. Better for me as I liked a beer every once in a while and I could hang my deer anywhere i pleased. So the moral is, these people live in a culture that will never understand the woods, being a nature lover, or caring for the wildlife we have today. If you ask I will guesss that 75% of them have never done anything other than run their jaaws to improve habitat. Ask them who the biggest contributor to wildlife causes is.........HUNTERS!They also don't understand seasoning meat but that is another story! Still don't know if they got a rule made up for that yet. Never let a good lib get you down.
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Old 11-10-2008, 05:33 PM
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Default RE: met the stupidest person every today

id prob been really mad.... exspecially if they have never been before!!! but hey your always gonna have people like that in the world.... hunting isnt for everyone. he's one of them haha....hope ya getcha a biggin this year
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Old 11-10-2008, 07:52 PM
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Default RE: met the stupidest person every today

haha u know how emos do drugs and stuff?
tell him if you want to get real high put him in a 20 ft stand and have a big buck walk by! now that my friend is the best feeling ever
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